how to make a felt unicorn donut

Sew A Felt Unicorn Donut

Sew a felt unicorn donut for the cutest donut around. Combining two of our favorite things, donuts, and unicorns how could you not love it! This is a simple felt sewing project that is perfect for tweens and teens or younger kids with some help from an adult.

If you are new to sewing then this project is excellent for you. It is quick and simple to make and doesn’t use any overly complicated stitches. You can even bling it up and customize it with craft box supplies. Once you have made one of these adorate felt unicorn donuts you will be wanting to make a whole family!

Sew A Felt Unicorn Donut

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sew a felt uncorn donut

We have kept this DIY felt unicorn donut simple so it will suit a wide range of skills but it can be simplified further but leaving off the unicorn mane. In place of the mane, you could add some cut out felt flowers or rolled up felt roses. Alternatively, stick on pom poms or other craft box supplies with hot glue to make it really fun!

You Will Need

The eyes and ear inserts have been glued on using hot glue, you can opt to sew these parts on instead if you rather.

  • Felt in the colors of your choice. We used a different color for the top side of the donut and bottom side, another for the horn and black for the eyes.
  • Fuzzy craft hair. We found ours at a local craft store it is called Kaleidoscope Unicorn Hair. You can also use fluffy yarn.
  • Thread and needle.
  • Scissors.
  • Our printable if needed but this is simple to make without.
  • Stuffing/ poly-fil or felt offcuts.
  • Hot glue gun.

Let’s Get Sewing

Start by gathering all of your supplies and printing off and cutting out the DIY felt unicorn pieces if using.

Cut out all of your felt pieces. For the base you will need two felt circles, double up the felt, and cut both circles at the same time. If you are not using the printable the easiest way to do this is to trace around a large mug or another round container. Draw a smaller circle inside of the large circle. You will also need two triangles for the horn. Two ear pieces along with two ear inserts in a different color and two eyes. Get creative with the eyes, make them circles, use googly eyes, it is up to you.

sew a felt unicorn donut


Turn on your hot glue gun and glue on the eyes. Glue the ear inserts on the larger ear pieces. If you are adding extra flowers or decorations then glue these on after you have completed your unicorn donut.


Start by sewing a blanket stitch around the inside of the two circles. Red Ted Art has put together an excellent tutorial on how to do a blanket stitch as well as other popular stitches so be sure to head over there if you are new to sewing.

Next get started on the horn. We did a simple running stitch (the one that up and down like a s movement) on the front facing piece of felt horn to make the diagonal lines. DO NOT put the two peices together at this stage! This is completly optional, for beginner sewers skip this part unless they would like to practice a running stitch.

Place the two triangle horn pieces together and do a blanket stitch around the edge leaving the bottom unstitched. Lightly fill with stuffing.

Now it is time to add the mane which gets a little complicated. Skip this step and decorate around the base of the horn with flowers or other nice decorations if you do not want a mane. To add the mane cut a long length of hair fluff this will be used for both the front and back mane. Position the mane so there is a little at the front of the donut circle where the face will be, a U shape dipping down between the felt circles and a longer length of hair fluff at the back. Place the horn between the sections of hair fluff U. With both of the fluff sides together sew the horn, hair fluff, and donut pieces together using a running stitch.

Place an ear either side of the horn between the donut peices and sew together using a running stitch.

The hard part is done! Next, sew around the outer edge of the donut using a blanket stitch. Put in some stuffing as you go, this will make it easier than trying to stuff your unicorn donut right at the end. As you near the end of the donut circle make sure you have added enough stuffing before tieing a knot to close off the donut.

Add on any extra decoration using the hot glue gun.

how to make a felt unicorn donut

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Thank you for stopping by. We hope you had fun with your sew a felt unicorn donut project!

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