toilet tube frog craft

Toilet Paper Roll Frog

Galoop! Went the little green frog last night, Galoop! Went the little green frog. The song, The Little Green Frog was a firm favorite in our house when the kids were small. If you can relate, or if you just LOVE frogs then this toilet paper roll frog craft is for you!

Each toilet paper roll can make two cute little frogs! Wrapped in green paper for a mess free craft or get out the paints for a super fun crafting session. We show you exactly how to make these fun toilet paper roll frogs AND have a copy of our version of the song that you can print out and use below.

Toilet Paper Roll Frog

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Toilet Paper Roll Frog

These toilet paper frogs are very easy and lots of fun to make. Two frogs are made from just one toilet paper roll tube so you can make a whole frog family! They are then wrapped in paper (or you could paint) and then the final paper details added.

Materials Needed

Let’s Get Creating

Toilet Paper Roll Frog

Start by gathering all of the supplies listed under the Materials Needed list. Cut the toilet paper roll tube in half. If the toilet tube gets pressed in half use your fingers to mold it back into its original circle shape.

The Body

Place the cut toilet tube onto the green paper with the bottom edge of the tube at the bottom edge of the paper and draw a little dot at the top edge of the toilet paper tube. Fold along this line and cut with the scissors. This piece of paper will be used to wrap around the body of the toilet paper tube. On this piece of paper draw a big smile with the Sharpie or similar pen. Next, wrap this around the toilet paper tube and secure it in place with sticky tape.

Legs & Eyes

Cut out two long strips of green paper for the legs, two big green circles and two green front feet. From the small piece of white paper cut out two slightly smaller white circles. At the end of the two long strips of green paper cut three frog toes. On the white circles draw on the frog eye details. Stick the white eye circles onto the green circles then glue onto the frog toilet tube body.

Attach the legs. To do this fold the foot then bring the folded section together with the other end of the green paper length, hold this together then staple it onto the frog body at the foot fold. Repeat with the other frog leg. Apply a dot of craft glue to each front foot and glue it onto the frog toilet tube base.

Set your frog aside to dry. You can make a lilypad for your frog while you are waiting for the glue to dry. To do this cut a circle out of a piece of paper or cardstock. From this cut, a triangle shape with the point joining to the center of the lilypad. Place your frog on the lilypad for a super cute frog play scene.

Toilet Paper Roll Frog

The Little Green Frog

It turns out that there are a few different versions of this song. The below version is the way we have always sung it with our girls! If you are unfamiliar with the tune this is a fun version that you can watch/ listen to, although with slightly different words. We always sing this with hand actions. Hold up both hands closed and with each, Galloop, open and then close your hands. For the, la de da de da part hold your hands to your side and do a little wave motion. Such a fun song that preschoolers and toddlers are sure to love!

The little green frog song

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Thank you for stopping by. We hope you had fun making these toilet paper roll frogs today!

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