newspaper lion craft

Newspaper Lion Craft

Making this newspaper lion craft is easy and fun and suitable for kids of all ages! This totally adorable craft has been made using an old newspaper, yarn or raffia, pens, and glue. It is a low-cost craft that will spark imagination and creativity in children. Perfect to make if you are studying the letter L, Safari Animals, or just because you love lions!

To extend your lion learning fun we have included a free L is for LION printable worksheet below. Simply click, print and colour. We also have included a Fun Fact section all about lions. They are very facinating animals!

Newspaper Lion Craft

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DIY newspaper lion craft

Not only is this newspaper lion craft lots of fun but it also has an added math element perfect for young children. The newspaper lion is made from two shapes, a circle and a triangle! The circle and triangle are placed in two different ways to create entirely different lions. Of course, you could also use an oval for the body to make a third variation on this lion. Check out the photo at the end of this tutorial to see the oval bodied lion Miss 8 made.

You Will Need

Let’s Get Crafting

how to make a newspaper lion

Start by gathering all of the supplies listed under the You Will Need list. Decide what you would like to use for the lions mane. You can see that we used a thick yarn as well as raffia which came as part of the packaging for a gift we recieved. Have a hunt around your home as you may have all sorts of different fun resources perfect for a mane.

Now cut a circle and a triangle from the newspaper. The shapes need to be small enough to fit onto your piece of cardstock. To draw a circle you can either draw around a round glass or container or if you have one, use a maths compass.

Place the circle and triangle onto the cardstock and choose the layout that you like to form the lions body. Is your lion sitting or standing? When you are happy with the placement glue both of them onto the cardstock with the gluestick.

Using your pens draw on two ears, the eyes, a little heart nose and mouth. Add a tail and legs. If you like draw on any extra details.

Cut off a length of yarn. Apply PVA or craft glue around the lions head and stick the yarn down around the lions head. We gave the lions mane a wave but you could also cut off short pieces of yarn and stick them on individually for a fun spikey mane!

L is for LION

Print and colour this fun L is for LION printable worksheet. Don’t forget to draw on the lion’s mouth! Find the printable link below the image. You can click to print now or download it to save for later.

l is for lion coloring page

Fun Facts about Lions

The lion has to be one of the most loved animals! Nearly all lions live in Africa however the Asiatic lion lives in the Gir Forest in India. You can find out more about the Asiatic Lion here. Lions are the only group of cats that live in groups called a pride. The pride can be as large as 40 lions and is mainly all female with only one or two male lions. The female lions do most of the hunting and looking after young lions. Lions really love their sleep, so much so that they spend 16-20 hours a day resting or sleeping! Head over to National Geographic to find out more fun facts about lions.

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Newspaper lion kids craft

Thank you for stopping by. We hope you had fun with your newspaper lion craft.

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