How To Make Fingerprint Birds

Ever wonder how to make fingerprint birds? Fingerprint birds are great fun and super easy to make. Add them to a homemade card or a special picture for a loved one. Not only do we have a simple step-by-step to show you how to make fingerprint birds but we have a cool selection of other fingerprint animals!

Fingerprinting is fun for all ages. For toddlers keep it simple, draw a simple bird or fish outline and let them fingerprint on the feathers/ scales. Alternatively, work together they can do the fingerprinting while you transform the fingerprints into magical animal creations! Miss 5 loves fingerprinting and her fingerprint creations are just as good, if not better than mine! There really is no upper age limit when it comes to fingerprinting.

How To Make Fingerprint Birds

You Will Need:

  • Paper
  • Inkpad or try paint soaked into a sponge
  • A wet cloth to wipe grubby fingers
  • Pen


Ok, this is so easy that all you really need is a simple picture to follow. Try to get an even coverage of ink or paint and then press your finger onto a piece of paper. Once the fingerprint has dried add eyes, beak, wings, and feet with a pen. Make sure to wipe your finger between different colors or ink/ paint and when you have finished your fingerprint project!

It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3! Now mix it up a bit with the angle of your fingerprint or do an open beak or a flying bird. Add some bird food a barn, tree or the beach. Make larger or smaller birds by using different fingers.

Expand on your fingerprint birds with these other easy fingerprint animals. Here we have a bee, frog, butterfly, spider, dog, mouse and a snail.

Miss 5 created her own fingerprint fairy, cat, and dog!


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