5 Games to Keep Your Kids Moving During Holiday Break

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The holiday break is a great time to make memories with your kids, but it can be easy to sit and snuggle all day. Without PE classes and recess, your kids are not getting their daily dose of exercise. 

Luckily, it can be easy for parents to incorporate physical activity into their child’s daily routine during the holiday season. Games are often the easiest way to get your kids up and moving. Kids love games that involve their minds as well as their bodies. We have curated a list of 5 games to play with your child this holiday break to keep them active and healthy.

5 Games to Keep Your Kids Moving During Holiday Break

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1. Connect The Dots

The traditional game of connect the dots has a twist on it for this activity. Each dot corresponds with exercises. To connect the dots, the player must complete the exercises corresponding with those dots. Your kids will be motivated to finish their exercises to see the pretty picture the dots create in the end. Get your connect the dots printable here.

2. Bingo Burst

This activity puts a new spin on the classic game of “bingo”. Exercises correspond with letters in the word “bingo” in this activity. Complete the exercise to color in the corresponding letter. Complete all the exercises and fill in all the corresponding letters to get a “bingo”. 

If you have multiple children, make it a friendly competition to see who can get a “bingo” the fastest. Get your bingo cards here.

3. Simon Says

Simon says is a classic children’s game where the leader (Simon) says an action and all of the players follow it, but only when the phrase “Simon says” is said before the action. Volunteer to be “Simon” for a game of Simon says with your child. Put a twist on the traditional game by making each action an exercise, such as jumping jacks or push-ups. 

4. Scavenger Hunt

Try a holiday scavenger hunt around your house to get in a mix of mental and physical activity. Scatter holiday items, such as wrapped gifts, candy canes, or ornaments, around the house and make a list of these items for your children to find. They can do this throughout the day to keep them up and moving, rather than laying on the couch.

5. 100 Point Challenge

Exercises are equivalent to points in the 100 point challenge. There are several different ways to complete the 100 point challenge. One way is to see how many points your child can get in an hour by completing exercises. Another way is to see how fast your child can get 100 points. No matter how your child completes the 100 point challenge, it is sure to get their wiggles out. Get your 100 point challenge printable here.

No matter how you spend this holiday season, incorporating exercise into your child’s daily routine is important. Encourage your children to lace up their new black Friday shoes and get moving this holiday break.

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