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Trace The Alphabet Printable Worksheets

Does your child need help with letter recognition and how to write each letter in the alphabet? If so then these free trace the alphabet printable worksheets will provide the help you need! Available in both upper and lowercase. There worksheets are perfect to have out for reference while kids are writing or use them to to practice writing letters. For more fun letter activities be sure to check out the links at the bottom of this article.

Trace The Alphabet Printable Worksheets

Trace The Alphabet Printable Worksheets

Our youngest daughter is at the stage where she can write stories and sound out the words but sometimes forgets how to write her letters or what way around they go. Last year at school she had a great laminated letter chart which was very helpful to have alongside her while she was doing any writing. We are back in lockdown so we are doing our best to do her schoolwork at home but we are without her helpful school letter chart. Until now as we have made and printed out these worksheets to help her and hopefully other children. They are helpful for her to do her writing more independently but are also useful for younger children to trace over to practice their letter writing skills.

To print, the worksheets simply click the link under the images. You can download to save for future use or print to use right away.

Letter Activities

A great way to learn letters is to do fun letter and crafts activities. Different crafts starting with a letter can be made, to add some letter activities get kids to think about what letter the craft starts with and then get them to practice writing it out. We have a range of different letter activities on diyThought, below are some of our favorites but be sure to use our search function to find other suitable activities.

  • Letter bundle packs- We have a selection of letter bundle packs avaliable to print. These include five different activities all centered around particular letter.
  • M is for Mermaid- Make a mermaid from an old milk jug and color the M is for Mermaid printable. A fun recycled letter M crafrt.
  • Clover Sensory Sight Words- This clover sensory puzzle is a fun way to learn sight words but you can also modify it to include the alphabet. Include each letter and have your child find and order all of the letters or have lower and uppercase letters and use it as a fun matching game.
  • F is for Fish– Have fun with this nature art craft. Make a cardboard F and a fish and then decorate with nature resources.
  • G is for Ghost– A spooky good time is to be had with this G is for Ghost craft. Print out the free printable and either color it in or use it to create your own scratch art ghosts. This is a craft that kids of all ages will love!
  • Egg Carton Jellyfish– Make a jellyfish from an egg carton and then color in the J is for Jellyfish printable.
  • Nature Art Turtles– Make a nature art turtle and then color in the T is for Turtle coloring page!

Be sure to have a scroll through our kids section to find lots of other great crafts and learning resources.

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