Recycled trash owl craft

Recycled Trash Owl Craft

Get out your saved-up recycling to make this Recycled Trash Owl Craft. Made using plastic bottle/ milk jug lids, bread tags, and a cut-up cardboard box. Proving that you do not need to spend lots of money to have lots of crafting fun! We even have a free owl template printable so you can get the perfect owl shape without having to be able to draw.

Recycled Trash Owl Craft

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Recycled Trash Owl Craft

You can thank Miss 9 for naming this the Trash Owl. She came home and took one look at it and said, “oh can I make a trash owl please?” I would have named this craft something along the lines of Milk Jug and Bread Tag Owls, not nearly as catchy!

The thing that I love most about this craft is that not only is it fun to put together but it is almost completely free to make. Today we get so caught up with buying fancy craft kits and spending lots of money when kids are often just as happy (and sometimes happier) making crafts like this recycled trash owl craft that costs almost nothing! In saying all of that this, Owl Gem Diamond Painting Kit for Kids, with Frame & LED Lamp does look amazing so perhaps a blend of bought and free crafts is the way to go! The girls added some mini pom-poms to theirs but almost all of the owls have been made from items that we would normally be considered recycling or trash.

Like most of our crafts if you are missing one of the required materials have a think about what else could be used. Milk jug eyes are perfect for this craft but you could substitute it for a lovely self-decorated cardstock or trim off the ends of a toilet paper tube/ cardboard roll and decorate the inside. The bread tags could be substituted for squares of cut-up magazine. You are only limited by your imagination!

Materials Needed

  • One side of a cardboard box
  • Scissors
  • Tacky craft glue
  • Plastic lids, milk jug size x2 for eyes
  • Bread tags
  • Magazine or other paper for the beak
  • Black Sharpie
  • Mini pom poms and other craft box goodies (optional)
  • You may notice that one of our girls owls has small pieces of pre-watercolored pieces of paper towel on the wings
  • Free owl template printable. Avablie from our Newspaper Owl Art tutorial

Let’s Get Creative

How to make- Recycled Trash Owl Craft

Start by gathering all of the supplies listed under, Materials Needed. We used the large owl on the free owl template. Cut around the inside of the black line to get the ideal size for the milk jug plastic lids. Place the cutout template onto the cardboard box and trace around with a Sharpie or other pen/ pencil then cut out the shape. You will also need two wings. To make these freehand cut a leaf shape from the cardboard box. Place the wings onto the owl shape and adjust the size if needed. From the magazine or paper cut out a small triangle for the beak.

Take the two plastic lids and draw an eye pattern design on the inside of the eye. Use the tacky glue to stick the eyes onto the cardboard owl shape. Next glue on the beak. Place the wings and bread tags onto the owl to make sure you are happy with the placement before gluing them in place. Finally, add on any extra details that you like. This could include drawing on extra patterns with the Sharpie, pom poms, leaves, or any other items that you have found to complete your owl.

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Recycled Trash Owl Craft

Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed making this Recycled Trash Owl Craft today!

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