Indoor Houseplant Decor Inspiration

Indoor houseplants are super stylish but sometimes it can be complicated to get the styling just right. Have a look at the following indoor houseplant decor inspiration to learn tips for styling your home with houseplants. Included are different ways to style houseplants as well as fantastic DIY tutorials so you can recreate these different and inspirational ideas at home. Bringing some garden-style indoors need not be intimidating and we have all the inspiration you need right here.

Indoor Houseplant Decor Inspiration

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Indoor Houseplant Decor Inspiration

1. Pair Of Trees

A pair of indoor matching trees is perfect for a large room. The symmetry of the planters flanking either side of this couch creates a balanced look. Source found here. 

2. Hallway

Hallways are often forgotten about but by adding a houseplant can easily transform the space. This snake plant looks amazing here and the planter and the artwork work in perfect harmony together. Visit The House In The Hills to find out more.

3. Diy Hanging Planters

Hanging plants adds interest and is a great way to decorate when you are wanting to keep ground and table space clear. These planters are simple to make and are simply stunning. Click here to get the full tutorial. 

4. Monochromatic Painted Flower Pots

Display your houseplants in a monochromatic painted flower pot! This is a simple way to make a big difference to simple houseplant displays. Head over to The DIY Nuts to find out how to make your own monochromatic pots.

5. Pegboard/ Floating Shelves

A pegboard or floating shelves makes displaying houseplants a breeze. Great for the entranceway, laundry, or honestly just about any room in the house! Top photo source found here. Learn how to make your own diy pegboard here. 

6. Marbled Pots

Create a stunning marbled look using traditional terracotta pots. This is a fun and affordable way to way to create a stylish look for your home. Choose the size pot that bests suits the plant that you are wanting to display in your home. Read the full tutorial over at The DIY Nuts.

7. Room Corners

Often the corners of the room could do with a little something extra, calling the houseplant. The plants in this room help to create a relaxing place to sit and relax. Source found here. 

8. Bathroom

It is almost always possible to find the space for a houseplant in the bathroom. This photograph has 5 different plants and the look is clean, fresh and homely. Source found here. 

9. Terrariums

These stunning terrariums are easy to make and would look great in the dining room or perhaps on a piano or shelf. Why not get a group of friends together for a fun day of terrarium building! Read the full tutorial here. Read our guide on how to make a terrarium here.

10. Bedroom

The white in this room keeps the eye on the green in this room.The bedding and plants work perfectly together creating the ultimate relaxing space. Source found here. 

11. Hanging Plants

No space for houseplants? No problem, simply hang them from the ceiling! Source Found here. 

12. Bookshelf

Bookshelves aren’t only for books! Adding plants and other knick-knacks transforms the bookshelf into a feature space. Follow this link to find out exactly how to style a bookshelf. 

Other Useful Items

Have a look at these useful items and resources so you can be successful with your indoor houseplants.

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