8 Delightful Upcycled Craft Projects For Adults


Take some time out of your busy life to enjoy one of these 8 delightful upcycled craft projects for adults. These craft projects each take items that you most likely already have at home and transform them into something new. From flowers made from magazines, to tea cup candles and framed chalkboards there is something for every crafter here!

1. Magazine Flowers


These magazine flowers are so beautiful and are a great way to make use of unread magazines. Click here for the full tutorial.

2. Patchwork Cushion


Don’t throw away old clothes as they can be made into new things! This tutorial shows you how to turn old clothes into a lovey cushion. I also love the idea of turning old clothes into a patchwork blanket.

3. Refreshed Knife Block


Refresh your knife block into something cool and new by painting it. I love the natural wood triangles that show through in this design. Follow this link to find out more.

4. Antique Tea Cup Candles


I have a thing for tea cups but the problem is that I have way more than I can ever use. Now my problem is solved as I can turn them into beautiful candles like these! Click here to find out more.

5. Framed Chalkboard


A very cool idea for surplus frames. These chalkboards would be great in the kitchen to write shopping lists and notes on or in the entrance way for reminders and fun quotes. See how it is made by clicking here.

6. Gold-Dipped Plant Pots


Transform plain clay pots into something stylish by painting them. The bright colors combined with the gold really stands out and turns them into a piece you will be proud to display. Click here for the full tutorial.

7. Mason Jar Vase


Creating mason jar vases definitely is a delightful upcycled craft project. You can paint them in any style you like buy we particularly like this black and white design found over at Diy Joy.

8. Creating A Basket From An Old Pot


Using rope this old pot is completely transformed into something new. You can easily take this technique and apply it to all sorts of different containers. Or use colored wool on small containers to store little bit-and-bobs. Click here to find the instructions.



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