10 Quick Back To School Hairstyles

We have 10 quick back to school hairstyles which are ideal for mornings when you need a fast hairstyle that looks great. At our daughter’s new school, it is a requirement to tie long hair up so gone are the days where a just quick brush will do! All of these hairstyles are easy enough for even the most hair styling challenged to master. They are quick to do, making them perfect if you are short on time or (like me) have a child that hates getting their hair done. These hairstyles will appeal to all ages, there are even a few that will also look fab on adults. Mommy and daughter matching hair maybe! Which of these 10 quick back to school hairstyles will you try first?

1. Banded Bun


With all of the colored elastics, this bun is sure to be loved. Simple to create and perfect on a windy day as this hair isn’t going anywhere! Step-by-step directions and video tutorial found here. 

2. Twisted Ponytail


Transform the ponytail into this twisted beauty which is lovely for both children and adults! Click here to find the video and directions. 

3. Twistback Buns


There is something about pigtails and double buns like these which is just so adorable. You can, of course, use this twisted bun technique on a singular bun for different lovely look. Follow this link to find out how it is done. 

4. Braided Princess Crown


This braided princess crown is very cute, especially with the addition of the ribbon. Find out more over at, A Cup Of Jo.

5. Twisted Side Ponytail


This twisted side ponytail is simple to achieve and looks modern and elegant. Girls will love picking out a special hair clip to wear with this style. Find the video and directions here. 

6. The Top Knot


Possibly the cutest top knot ever! You can find the written instructions along with three other hairstyles by visiting, Small Fry.

7. Spring Elastic Pony


This spring elastic pony is very simple to do. Tie hair in sections with elastics and at the final section attach a beautiful flower clip. Click here to find out more. 

8. Low Ponytail


Your daughter will love this stylish low ponytail which is perfect for any occasion. Another super cute mommy and daughter match hairstyle here! Source found here. 

9. Boxer Braids


This is the tutorial for you if you are needing some extra help with your braiding! After all most girls at some stage will request a braided hairstyle. Click here to find out more and to watch the video.

10. Bubble Updo


A hairstyle which is ideal for slightly dirty hair. This is stylish and a very different look from our other 10 quick back to school hairstyles because it is fun mix it up a bit! Click here to find out more. 

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