8 Diy Funky Resin Trays

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Today we have found 8 diy funky resin trays which inspire creativity. A resin may seem daunting at first but it is actually very simple to use. We love the shiny glass like look produced from a resin and this finish looks amazing on trays!

Epoxy resin is commonly used in crafts as it is easy to use and has a low toxicity compared to polyester resin.  The resin comes in two parts: resin and hardener. The two parts are mixed, then poured into the tray which then sets hard. The resin is suitable to pour over almost anything and trays are the perfect resin starter project. You will love the finish of these trays and they make wonderful gifts.

1. Sequined Resin Tray

We love the sequins and added glitter used in this funky resin tray. There are so many combinations of sequins which would look fantastic in a tray. Click here to find out more. 

2. Resin Fabric Tray

This is such a simple way to update an old tray into something funky and new. We just love the look of resin over fabric! Follow this link to find out more. 

3. Glass Bead Tray

This lovely glass bead jar features on 30-minute crafts so you know it will fast and simple to recreate.

4. Leaf Resin Tray

Serve drink at your next BBQ using this tray and get all of your guests talking. The only problem is all of the tray order requests you will be getting! Source found here.

5. Penny Tray

If you loved our post about the amazing penny floor but the scale of the project seemed too large then this is the tray for you. Click here to find out more.

6. Butterfly Tray

This has to be the perfect summer tray. This link shows you how to build your own tray as well as how to decorate it!

7. Diy Scrabble Serving Tray

This would make one amazing gift for a loved one who loves scrabble! Follow this link to see how it is made.

8. Memory Tray

This funky tray was made using the messages from a wedding guest book. Favorite quotes, other memories or messages would also work well on a tray like this. Click here to find out more. 

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