Easy Diy Outdoor Clay Pot Lighthouse

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A easy diy outdoor clay pot lighthouse is a fabulous idea to brighten up your garden. They are very simple, fun and fast to make, making it the perfect sunny weekend activity. Children will love helping to create this project. I will be making two of these, one with my girls so they can be as creative as they like, and one for me!

You can easily make this a taller lighthouse by adding more clay pots. I have seen some clay pot lighthouses with cute square and circle windows added. Add windows by simply painting them on with black and white paint in your desired shape. Blue and white is also a popular color scheme but you can use any color you like. Instead of using a candle you could also use a solar powered light on top. Be as creative as you like with this project,  it is very easy to adapt to suit your taste!

Clay Pot Lighthouse Video Tutorial

This clay pot lighthouse video tutorial we found over at Thrifty Fun shows step by step how to create a lighthouse. Over at Thrifty Fun you can also find a easy to follow step by step photo tutorial. We would love to see your clay pot lighthouse creations so please do share a photo if you make one!

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