upcycled two tiered stands

Upcycled Two-Tiered Stands

Upcycled two-tiered stands are the perfect way to give new life to unwanted or unused pans, trays, and bowls. Mel Cavanaugh owner of Old-Fangled & Chalked By Mel is an expert on upcycling and making these stunning tiered stands. Mel explains the process so you too can create your own amazing upcycled two-tiered stands.

Two-tiered stands make a stunning focal point in any room. They are perfect for storing fruit, collectibles and making all sorts of displays with. Although they look complicated to make with a little practice you can master this skill in no time. They would make a lovely homemade gift that will be treasured for years.

Upcycled Two-Tiered Stands

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how to upcycle two tiered stands

You Will Need

There are a few basic things that you will need to make a two-tiered tray stand. The two-tiered trays featured today have either been drilled or the center dowels attached using strong glue. If gluing we suggest you use a thick center rod to provide extra stability.

This is an upcycling project so get creative with what you use and the techniques used to assemble your stand. Below is a guide to follow explaining how Mel from Old-Fangled & Chalked By Mel creates her stands. As you can see the stands are all different but all follow a similar method to construct them.

You will need:


  • Two trays and strong glue. Epoxy is a good choice.

Also needed is

  • Two rods. Mel has used furniture legs, spindles and wooden candlesticks on her stands
  • Furniture knobs or drawer pulls for the top detail
  • Wood glue or epoxy for extra support if needed
  • Paint or stain depending on the base used

Time To Assemble

Gather all of your supplies. It is easiest to know what is needed to be done when you have all of your supplies in front of you and ready to go.

If the trays/ bowls/ plates or the in-between rods/ candlesticks/ furniture legs need some love now is the time to do that. Sand them, paint them, stain them. You can do the drilling first and then paint/ sand but it is easier to do this work now rather than after the stand has been constructed.


Drill a hole in the bottom center of each pan. Then take the furniture legs/ spindles/ wooden candlesticks and attach it to the bottom of each pan. Use a double-headed screw to join the rods together and sandwich the pans between the legs using those screws. If extra support is required do this using either wood glue or epoxy and applying to the joints.

In the case of the bread pan stand, it is screwed into the base and a nut holds it in place. Any stand that has a wood base has a screw & nut holding them together otherwise they are glued.


Not all materials will be suitable to drill. Drilling and using screws adds extra strength to the tiered stands so if it is possible to do this then it is advisable to do so. Otherwise, the rods will need to be glued to the bases. Epoxy is best to use to glue the stand together as it is super strong. Make sure you read the directions on the epoxy before using. If needed use blocks of wood to hold the pieces in place.

DIY two tiered stand

Add The Top Knob

To finish the stand consider adding a top knob. You can use a furniture knob or drawer pull, or anything else you have which you feel is suitable. Glue this to the top to give a lovely finished look.

Be sure to follow Old-Fangled & Chalked By Mel to keep up with her latest work and to get lots of great tips on upcycling.

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