You might be wondering what this site is all about? This site is run by a husband and wife team. If you’re new, Kelly is the wife and Paul is the husband :D . Kelly founded DIY thought back in 2015 as a personal blog. She never intended for it to grow into anything else, at least not at first. Paul started a personal blog a year or so later and it wasn’t until late 2017 that they decided to combine their efforts into one blog, this one here, and the rest is history.

Over the years we have shared MANY posts. Currently, we have well over 500 blog posts on this site. We mainly write about crafting, DIY, home decor, and recipes; while still sharing some of our personal lives with you. The aim of diyThought is to find and share the best content possible in the hopes that you’ll find something useful here or get inspired to go do your own thing. If you haven’t guessed by now diyThought is all about living a creative, and sometimes messy, life. We’re gonna give you the highlights though, don’t worry.

Since we blog about so many different things we thought we’d give you a few highlights to start with from our top categories.


Home Decor


  • We love sharing easy, at home recipes that are fun with the kids. Check out all of our recipes here.
  • But if you’re in need of something healthy, we feel you, check out these recipes. Yum!
  • And after all that healthy eating we’d say you’ve earned a dessert! See some of our favorites here


We’ve shared learned tons about blogging over the years, in case you are starting out we have a free 7 Day course so you can start your own journey.

And somedays you just need pineapples in your life!