10 Of The Prettiest Cupcake Designs

Today we have found 10 of the prettiest cupcake designs around. Great for any party or celebration or just because cupcakes are so good! So choose your favorite cupcake recipe and decorate them with one of these 10 pretty cupcake designs.

10 Of The Prettiest Cupcake Designs

1. Ballerina Cupcakes

Perfect for the ballerina in your life these ballerina cupcakes are ultra pretty. Click here to view the video tutorial. 

2. Frosted Cupcakes

Sometimes the prettiest is also the simplest and for these frosted cupcakes that is true. This tutorial is fantastic if you need to brush up on your basic frosting skills.

 3. Floral Frosting Cupcakes

Pretty flowers can be achieved by using different piping nozzles. These may look intimidating but they are simpler than they seem. Find the tutorial here.  

4. Daisy Cupcakes

Pipe on some beautiful daisies for the ultimate pretty cupcake. Click here to get the full tutorial. 

5. Unicorn Cupcakes

It may not be possible for a cupcake to get any more lovely than this unicorn cupcake. This tutorial is great, it explains each element in detail making this cupcake a breeze to decorate.

6. Cupcake Wreath

This Christmas cupcake wreath is pretty enough to make year round. A cupcake flower wreath would also be super pretty. Click here to get the full tutorial. 

7. Lot Of Pretty

Lots of different pretty designs can work well together. This tutorial talks through all of the elements shown in these pretty cupcakes. Make one or make them all.

8. Rose cupcakes

There isn’t much more beautiful than a rose so these rose cupcakes are sure to impress. Click here to view the full tutorial. 

9. Chocolate Tiara Cupcakes

These chocolate tiara cupcakes are beyond pretty and they look super fun to decorate! Source found here. 

10. Gelatin Bubble Cupcakes

Gelatin bubble cupcakes are truly special. They are made by coating balloons in a gelatin mixture. Follow this link to find out more. 


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