6 Mistakes Curly-Haired Women Should Steer Clear Of

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You might be fortunate enough to have gorgeous curls all over your head. However, you are aware of the struggles that come with maintaining such lush hair. Hair with curls has a distinct personality. These may range from voluminous ringlets to untamed spirals. But you need not worry even if you face daily woes because 60% of the global population shares them as they have similar textures. 

We will untangle the typical mistakes and traps that curly-haired women should shun like the plague. Imagine yourself with a collection of products and styling tools. You will be determined to have the ideal hair day, only to end up in a knotted web of frizz and anger. This guide will unlock the keys to controlling those wild hairs and confidently embracing your natural curls. 

6 Mistakes Curly-Haired Women Should Steer Clear Of

Mistake #1: Washing too frequently

The desire to create an enjoyable lather and rinse away all of your hair’s problems is justified. Unfortunately, overwashing can lead to dry, frizzy hair for those with curly hair. Shampooing too often depletes the natural oils in your tresses. This makes it dry and brittle. 

Rather, you can use a mild shampoo without sulfates and limit the number of times you cleanse your hair to twice or three times per week. Use a co-wash or just a quick fluid rinse to revive your curls in between cleans to keep them bouncy and moisturized.

Mistake #2: Brushing dry hair

Many of you with curly locks have experienced this scenario before. You might wake up with an untidy pile of bedhead, and your initial reaction is to grab a brush. You should stop there only. Dry curly hair is brittle and prone to breakage, frizz, and unwelcome volume when brushed. 

Instead, use your fingers or a comb with a wide tooth to untangle your curls while your hair is still damp and conditioner-coated. Loosen knots and tangles gently with no damage, starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots.

Mistake #3: Heat overuse

The allure of precisely defined curls or sleek, straight locks made possible by heat styling tools is undeniable. However, using too much heat can damage your curls and deprive them of their inherent elasticity and texture. Use blow dryers, curling wands, and flat irons only on occasions that require them. 

Always remember to use a heat-resistant spray. It helps you to prevent heat from harming your crowning glory. Accept your curls and try different heat-free styling methods for gorgeous, heat-free styles like twist-outs, drying, and Bantu knots.

Mistake #4: Chemical treatments

Silky smooth hair may be alluring. However, chemical treatments like straighteners and relaxants can be disastrous for curly hair. The hair shaft is weakened by these harsh chemicals. This makes it more vulnerable to breakage, dryness, and permanent harm. 

The damage can be worse because these chemicals lead to a risk of cancer. According to YourLawyer.com, women suffering from cancer linked with chemical relaxers can claim compensation from manufacturers, provided they can establish the connection. Always seek advice from a qualified stylist with experience in curly hair to ensure that all chemical treatments are applied effectively and with the health of your curls in mind.

Mistake #5: Ignoring trims

Healthy, lively curls require regular trimming, even though it may seem odd when trying to grow out your locks. Frizz and uneven texture can result from split ends and damage that travels up the shaft. You should schedule a trim every 8 to 12 weeks. 

It helps you maintain the optimal condition of your curls. Discuss your preferred length and curl pattern with your stylist. You can also choose “dusting” or dry cuts to keep the shape of your curls and avoid over-trimming. 

Mistake #6: Sleeping rough

Sleeping rough is another blunder curly-haired women should avoid as it can cause friction and breakage. Surfaces like rough pillowcases can lead to tangled and matted locks. Eventually, detangling them can cause lasting damage to the cuticle. 

Opt for silk or satin pillowcases to reduce friction and maintain smoother curls overnight. Consider tying your locks loosely before going to bed to prevent tangles in the morning.


Achieving the lovely, healthy locks you have always desired and realizing your curly hair’s full potential requires avoiding these common errors. You will put yourself up for success with curly hair. Wash them less often, give up on the brush for combing, limit heat styling, prevent harsh chemical therapies, schedule regular trims, and get a silk or satin pillowcase to maintain your lovely locks.

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