5 Of The Best Diy Chore Charts

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If it is a chore to get the kids helping around the house then these 5 of the best diy chore charts are for you! Helping with chores is a great way to teach kids responsibility, independence, and self-sufficiency. Motivating children to help out can be tricky but these chore charts help to simplify chores making it easy to see what needs to be done.

5 Of The Best Diy Chore Charts

1. Magnetic Wooden Circle Chore Chart

This magnetic chore chart is great if you want to and remove chores. The done section really makes it easy for kids to see the chores they have left to do! Click here to view the full tutorial. 

2. Work For Hire Chart

A chart for all of those extra jobs to earn cash from, there has never been more incentive than walking past hanging money every day. The kids will love this chore chart! Follow this link to find out more. 

3. Reward Chore Chart

This reward chore chart is great for younger children who need a little more incentive to get their chores done. Simply add a pebble when a chore is done or remove one if the chore doesn’t get completed. Once the jar is full with pebbles the child earns a special treat. Find the full tutorial here. 

4. Simple “Done” Chore Chart

A simple to make and simple to follow chore chart. The pictures make this chore chart is perfect for younger children who have just started learning to read. Children will feel rewarded by covering up the picture to see all of the “Done” signs. Click here to get the full tutorial. 

5. Clothespin Chore Chart

Another fabulous chore chart which makes it easy to see what chores need to be done. The clothespins make it super easy to add more chores as needed. Follow this link to find out more. 


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