Dreaming of a new kitchen but without having to spend big $$$’s. Are your laminate countertops starting to look dated and worn? You don’t have to spend big money to make a big difference with you countertops. Here are 5 budget-friendly ways to transform laminate countertops. Who knew that it was possible to make such a big difference updating the kitchen in such a low-cost way!

5 Budget-Friendly Ways To Transform Laminate Countertops

1. Contact Paper

Using contact paper is a super budget-friendly way to update an old laminate countertop. It takes a little patience but with practice, applying contact paper is very simple. Click here to find the full tutorial. 

2. Stone Look

Peel off that old laminate and paint with chalk paint to achieve this stylish stone look countertop. Find out more by clicking here. 

3. Penny Top

This is one ultra shiny penny covered countertop! This isn’t going to be the fastest diy countertop but it sure will get the most comments. Follow this link to get the detailed tutorial. 

4. Glossy Painted Counters

This old laminate countertop has been painted with a variety of different colors, sprinkled with glitter and sealed with a high-gloss resin. The results are this absolutely stunning painted laminate countertop! Find out more by clicking here. 

5. Concrete Countertop

Cover up that old laminate with Ardex concrete mix and create the countertop of your dreams. Click here to find the full tutorial. 

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