5 Homemade Quick And Easy Soaps

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Soaps are often very time-consuming and tricky to make but not these 5 Homemade Quick And Easy Soaps! These soaps all smell and look divine. They are fun to make and are the perfect gift. There is no need to be scared of soap making when it comes to these 5 homemade quick and easy soaps.

All of the soaps here use the melt and pour method which is made from a base ingredient which means it doesn’t require curing like the traditional cold pressed method. The cold pressed method is great as it gives you full control over the ingredients but can be complicated to make.  We love the simplicity of melt and pour soaps and that you can use them almost right away. Read on to see our favorite 5 homemade quick and easy soaps.

5 Homemade Quick And Easy Soaps

1. 10-Minute Gem Soaps

Kids will love these 10-minute gem soaps. You can scent and color them to your heart’s desire. We love the optional sparkle! Click here to find the full tutorial.

2. Orange Zest Soap

This orange zest soap looks positively scrumptious with its visible orange zest. Click here to get the recipe.

3. Charcoal & Rose Clay Spa Soap Bar

This is a fabulous soap bar for both the face and body. It contains charcoal and rose clay which are both purifying and cleansing. Follow this link to find the video tutorial.   

4. Homemade Poppy Seed Soap

Lemon and poppy seed soap or almond and poppy seed soap. The lemon is refreshing while the almond soothing. Find out more by clicking here. 

5. Green Tea And Lemon Soap

This green tea and lemon soap is fantastic if you are looking for a soap without a sweet or floral scent. Follow this link to find out more. 


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