5 Yogurt Based Recipes

Today we have found 5 Yogurt Based Recipes which are perfect for using up all that yogurt. Maybe it is just our family but we eat a lot of yogurt, every morning for breakfast to be exact! Occasionally we buy so much yogurt that we can’t eat it all before its best before date which is when we need these 5 yogurt based recipes. Yogurt is so much more than part of breakfast or an addition to a smoothie and with these recipes, you will be wanting to stock up on yogurt when you do your next shop!

1. Yogurt Cake

Yogurt cake it very simple to make and really tastes great. It isn’t overly sweet and it is super moreish warm from the oven. This cake is our ‘go to’ recipe when we have lots of yogurt to use up. Click here to get the recipe.  

2. Rajasthani Style Oliya

Rajasthani Style Oliya is a sweetened rice yogurt pudding which is popular in Rajasthan, India. Rice is sweetened with sugar and mixed with yogurt to create a consistency like a parfait. Click here to find out more. 

3. Yogurt Ice Blocks

So many amazing combinations available to try with yogurt ice blocks! We think this roasted berry and honey ice blocks look and sound divine. Follow this link to find out more. 

4. Minty Yogurt Dip

Combine some mint, yogurt, lemon, garlic and seasoning and you have made this delicious dip. This dip tastes amazing with freshly cut vegetables! Click here to get the recipe. 

5. Fudgy Greek Yogurt Brownies

Using greek yogurt in brownies helps to give them a heavenly gooey texture. We think they look amazing! Follow this link to get the recipe. 


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