6 Diy Christmas Angel Ornaments & Decorations

Top your tree with an angel this year or put some angels on display around your home with these 6 diy Christmas angel ornaments & decorations. Many of these ornaments & decorations are simple enough for children to make. Children and adults alike will enjoy making these 6 Christmas angel ornaments & decorations.

6 Diy Christmas Angel Ornaments & Decorations

1. Diy Angle Birdie Ornament

Made from plastic birdies and ping pong balls these Christmas ornaments are easy to make and beautiful. Click here to get the full tutorial. 

2. Bottle Angles

It may be hard to believe but the bases of these angles are all plastic bottles! Use varying sized bottles for an interesting angle display.  Find out more here. 

3. Crochet Angels

These adorable crochet angels would make a lovely gift or would look stunning on the Christmas tree. Follow this link to get the pattern. 

4. Simple Paper Angel

Here’s an angel for children to make to put on the Christmas tree. Click here for the full tutorial. 

5. Fabric Angel Ornament

Fabric angels look difficult to make but are actually super simple! These three-piece fabric angles can be hand sewn in next to no time. Click here to get the full tutorial.  

6. Angel Tree Topper

Make an angel to stand proudly on top of the Chrismas tree. This lovely angle is easy enough for children make. Find out more here. 




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