6 Diy Key Pieces for The Animal Lovers Bedroom

Here are 6 Diy Key Pieces for The Animal Lovers Bedroom. If your child loves animals, really don’t they all? Then these animal bedroom items are sure to be loved! Lots of these key pieces can easily be modified to suit different animals if you are going for a singular animal theme. With a little creativity, you will have the perfect bedroom for your animal lover. Read on to discover our 6 diy key pieces for the animal lovers bedroom.

1. Stuffed Kitty Pillow


This is one cute stuffed kitty pillow. These pillows would work well in a variety of animal shapes! Click here to find out more. 

2. Hobby Horse


Because every child needs one of these adorable horses! A hobby horse is simple to make and there is a design to suit everyone. Find out more by clicking here.


3. Animal Chairs


Kids will love these chairs and they are super stylish! Children love having child sized furniture and they will adore it even more if it is animal themed. Follow this link to find out more. 

4. Triangle Animal Art


Finish off your child’s room (or any room) with this awesome animal artwork. Any animal is possible! Head over to The Whimsical Wife to find out more.

5. Stuffed Animal Zoo


Most children have soft toys which don’t have a designated storage spot. We have found the perfect storage solution for all of those soft toys by making one of these zoos! Follow this link for the video tutorial and step by step directions. 

6. Animal Bookends


These animal bookends are simple to make and look great! Fantastic for the living room, office or any bedroom in the house! Click here to find out more. 

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