6 Yogurt Cup Kids Crafts

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Here are 6 yogurt cup kids crafts which will put to use any yogurt lovers supply of yogurt cups. Using them to grow seedlings or to make mini storage containers is fun but we think that these ideas below look like MUCH more fun! Which project will you start with first?

6 Yogurt Cut Kids Crafts

yogurt cup kids crafts

1. Yogurt Pot Frog


This yogurt pot frog is super cute and fairly simple to make. Make a few for a fun frog family. Click here to find the instructions.

2. DIY Cup & Ball Game


Did you play with these when you were a child? So much fun! Now you can double the fun. First, they can make the game then they can play it. PSBparents has the tutorial as well as a video showing how to make this yogurt cup and ball games.

3. Yogurt Pot Felt Animals


These yogurt pot felt animals are very adorable. Perfect yogurt pot craft for older kids or the younger child could help out with the gluing. Click here for the dog tutorial.

4. Yogurt Pot Snake Puppet


Aplha Mom designed this yogurt pot snake puppet for the Chinese New Year but we think it would make a fun toy for anytime of the year. Children will love adding the glitter to this snake and have fun making him wriggle once he is finished.

5. Grass Head Monster


The kids will love watching this monsters hair grow! Decorate the yogurt pot to add to the crafting fun. Follow this link to find the tutorial.

6. Yogurt Pot Train


Sure to keep any train-loving child happy. This train could also be decorated in all sorts of different things, paper, tape, felt or stickers perhaps. All of the details can be found at Mum Of Three Musketeers.

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