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12 Inspiring Painted Halloween Pumpkins

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12 Inspiring Painted Pumpkins that are perfect for Halloween. From monsters to simple designs we have you sorted with the selection of painted pumpkins in this round-up. So skip the mess of carving a pumpkin and try one of these inspiring creations instead.

To paint a pumpkin all that is required is some paint and a pumpkin base. This can be an actual pumpkin or a faux pumpkin such as these white artificial pumpkins or these foam pumpkins. There is a wide variety of suitable paint which many of the below tutorials below cover. Once you have these basics sorted it is time to get painting!

12 Inspiring Painted Halloween Pumpkins

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12 Inspiring Painted Halloween Pumpkins

1. Vintage Pumpkins with Hats


We love these vintage pumpkins complete with hats! The hats have been made from styrofoam Christmas trees and air-dry clay. Beautiful work by artist, Sara Jean.

2. Puffy Paint Spider Pumpkins

puffy paint spider pumpkin

Using puffy paint to paint pumpkins is such a simple and fun idea. This Halloween-painted pumpkin by One Simple Party is one that kids will love.

3. Tape Resist Pumpkins

tape resist pumpkin for halloween

These tape resit pumpkins are perfect for young children. Simply use tape to make a design, paint over and then carefully tear off.

4. Glitter Drip Pumpkin

glitter drip pumpkin craft

A drip pumpkin but with glitter! This pumpkin is decorated with a special glitter dust paint, meaning no glitter falling off around the house! Head over to Crafts by Amanda to find out more.

5. Sharpie Fall Pumpkin

sharpie pumpkin

Making large white pumpkin decor from cheap foam pumpkins with spray paint and a Sharpie couldn’t be easier. This white pumpkin decor fits right in with farmhouse-style fall decorations that can be used all the way through Thanksgiving because they are more neutral and not that classic “Halloween” orange.

6. Faux Concrete Pumpkins

faux concrete pumpkin

These fun pumpkins are painted to make them look as if they are made from concrete. Perfect to go with any Halloween decor. Visit Our Crafty Mom to learn how to create this faux concrete pumpkin look.

7. Chalkboard Pumpkins

chalkboard pumpkin for halloween

Chalkboard paint is a great base for painted pumpkins. The writing on these pumpkins is a transfer but chalkboard markers would be a great alternative.

8. Corpse Bride Pumpkin

corpse bride pumpkin

This Corpse Bride pumpkin sounds like it is super fun to make. Complete with yarn hair and a Sharpie or painted face this pumpkin is sure to be a favorite this Halloween. Created using a white pumpkin or simply paint a pumpkin white for the same look.

9. Minne & Mickey Pumpkins

mikey mouse pumpkin

If you are looking to move away from scary then these Minnie & Mickey Mouse pumpkins could be just the fun design to complement your Halloween decor this year. The Soccer Mom Blog has all of the details you need to recreate this Disney-themed pumpkin idea.

10. Black Cat Painted Pumpkin

black cat halloween pumpkin

Create a black cat to watch over your porch by using two pumpkins and painting them black. Use different-sized pumpkins to create cats of different sizes and looks. This is one simple yet impressive Halloween pumpkin idea.

11. Patterned Black & White Paint Pen Pumpkins

paint pen pumpkins

We are loving the simple patterned designs on these black & white paint pen pumpkins by Lovely Indeed. This look can be simply recreated by painting a continuous design onto a white pumpkin. The paint pen makes this look very simple to achieve but it is also possible to achieve using paint and a brush!

12. Monster Pumpkins

monster pumpkins

This monster family of pumpkins includes a vampire, Frankenstein, a ghost, a zombie, and a witch. These monsters are super adorable and very easy to recreate. Aubree Originals has a detailed tutorial that shows how each of these monster pumpkins has been painted.

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