8 Easy Beginner Nail Art Tutorials

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Here are 8 easy beginner nail art tutorials. Beautiful nail designs can be easily achieved at home even if you are a complete beginner. Sure a little patience and time is required but the results will be worth it.  No fancy nail tools are needed, just polish, maybe some tape or other items you most likely already have at home.  If you can paint your nails then these 8 easy beginner nail art tutorials are the perfect next step!

1. Bright Negative Space Nails


I love how the natural nail is showing through in the stripe one these bright fun nails. The middle negative space stripe is achieved by placing a piece of tape on the nail before painting. So simple, yet so stylish. Click here to find out more.

2. Matte And Glossy Nails


Using a matte top coat gives your nails a totally different look. Combing the two is a very simple way to really make your nails special. This tutorial here is about using tape to create nail looks.

3. Splatter Paint Nails


Messy but fun, these nails look great! Achieve a different look by using different colored polishes. This would look great in pastels. Full tutorial found here. 

4. Newspaper Nails


Newspaper nails may look difficult to achieve but they are actually very simple to do. Dip your painted nails into rubbing alcohol and then press a piece on newspaper onto the nail, cover with a top coat and you have a completed newspaper nail! Read more about this nail art technique here.

5. Color Blocking Nails


I love the choice of colors here but you can create a totally different look by using different colors. Tape is used to get the lines ultra straight so you have to be patient waiting for each coat to dry but it will be worth the wait! Picture, video and step by step directions found here.

6. Mermaid Nails


Creating these beautiful mermaid nails is very simple. All you need is nail polish, a sponge, and fishnet and in next to no time you can be showing off these beauties. Find out more here. 

7. Glitter Fade Nails


A very simple way to transform plain nails into wow nails! Either do your tips or your moons depending on your mood. Follow this link for more information. 

8. Polka Dot Nail Art


A twist on the plain polka dot nail. The great thing about polka dot nails is that you can use a bobby pin in the place of a dotting tool. Get the full tutorial here. 


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