8 Fun Bear Crafts That Preschoolers Will Love

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Bears are cuddly and loved by children so we have found these 8 fun bear crafts that all preschoolers will love. There is a good range of activities here and most of them are very simple so they can be done with minimal help. From paper plate bears to bears made from shells these 8 fun bear crafts that preschoolers will love will keep every bear lover happy.

1. Cardboard Tube Bears



Transform a cardboard tube into one of these cute bears. These are both simple craft activities that preschoolers and older kids will love. For the Polar Bear instructions click here. Or Brown Bear instructions found here.

2. Hand Print Bear


A very cute idea which would look lovely on cards made with love to a special someone. This idea was found here.

3. Bear Puppet


The bear puppet definitely needs parental help but we think it will be worth it as it is super adorable and will be played with for years to come. Click here for the full tutorial.

4. Spiced Bear


Have fun coloring this cute bear and then sprinkling him with cinnamon. The gluing and adding spice part will be lots of fun! Spiced Bear craft found here.

5. Shell Bears


This first shell bear will need some help from an adult but we think it is completely adorable. The second bear is a little simpler to make and kids will love creating him! I have also seen cute bears made by sticking two big shells onto card and then smaller shells added for ears, arms and feet.

6. Teddy Bear Tote Bag


This cute teddy bear tote bag is made from a paper bowl. Get all of the directions by clicking here.

7. Paper Plate Bears

7-8-delightful-upcycled-craft-projects-for-adults      7a-8-fun-bear-crafts-for-preschoolers

Both of these paper plate bears are easy and fun to make. Which one would you make first? Blue background bear tutorial found here. Or Fuzzy Brown Bear tutorial found here.

8. Foam Ball Bear Craft


The last of our 8 fun bear crafts that preschoolers will love is this is craft activity using foam balls. Once painted you could add a face to make these guys even more adorable. Click here for the full tutorial.




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