8 Relaxing Handmade Bath Products

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There is nothing quite like relaxing in the bath to unwind after a long day. I however don’t like having to spend lots of money on bath products and some of the ingredients in store bought products can be a concern. These 8 relaxing handmade bath products solves both of those issues!

Making your own bath products is a great way to skip nasty ingredients while saving money. Handmade bath products also make the perfect gift! We have found 8 relaxing handmade bath products that all look so amazing that you won’t want to buy bath products again.

1. Lavender Milk Bath


There is something about using milk in the bath that always appeals to me. Cleopatra had milk baths for the skin smoothing benefits so it has to be relaxing, right? If you are not a fan of lavender then you can simply swap it out for another essential oil (just be sure it is skin safe). This is a very easy bath product to make and makes a wonderful gift packaged in mini milk bottles. Click here for the recipe.

2. Mango Lassi Skin Smoothing Scrub


Anything mango is a win for me! This mango lassi skin smoothing scrub has a sugar base which is fantastic at sloughing away dead skin cells from the body. Find out more here.

3. Green Tea And Lavender Creamy Soap

This is a simple recipe for a creamy whipped soap. It is a multipurpose soaps that can be used on face, hands, body or run under the bath tap for a foamy bath.

4. Diy Lavender & Oat Bath Soak


This lavender and oat bath soak is great if you are looking for a bath soak which is quick to make using common household items. It leaves your skin feeling ultra soft. Click here to find out more.

5. Bath Bombs


Bath bombs are fun to make, use and make fabulous gifts! This recipe here is simple to follow and uses readily available ingredients.

6. Orange & Coconut Coffee Scrub


This scrub looks and sounds amazing! It doesn’t contain coconut oil as it has a fairly high comedogenic rating (meaning it can block pores) instead it contains almond oil. This is a well thought out recipe, definitely worth a try.

7. Coconut Milk Bath Bars


Drop one of these coconut milk bars into the bath and relax in the soothing ingredients which melt in water. These bars combine skin-nourishing coconut milk powder, cleansing sea salt, and moisturizing coconut cream oil to make the ultimate in bath relaxation. Find out more here.

8. Lavender & Coconut Bath Salts


Liven up your dull, dry skin with these amazing lavender and coconut bath salts. It can also be modified to be used in the shower as a scrub. Get the recipe here.


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