Amazing Coffee Table Upcycles

If your coffee table is starting to look a bit worn or in need of an update then it is worth considering upcycling it. You will be amazed at some of the differences achieved with today’s amazing coffee table upcycles!

There are many reasons to upcycle furniture.

  • You will save loads of money. Even if you have to search thrift stores for a piece to upcycle chances are this route will be much more affordable compared to buying new.
  • Something unique. Upcycle furniture and have something different from others. There isn’t much chance of visiting a friend who happens to have the exact same coffee table when you have upcycled yours!
  • It’s sustainable. Upcycling is a great way to extend the life of an item. This reduces waste as well as lowering the need for new items to be produced.

As you can see upcycling is a great alternative to buying new! They only problem can be a lack of inspiration. We are here to help with these amazing coffee table upcycles. Have a scroll through and gather all of the inspiration you need before starting on your next upcycling project.

Amazing Coffee Table Upcycles

coffee table upcycles

1. Wallpaper & Paint

coffee table upcycle

This amazing table was re-upcycled after it turned up to Vintage Frills in a very blue state. The table was repainted and wallpaper applied to the top surface. There is a very detailed tutorial provided so be sure to head over to Vintage Frills to read it before attempting an upcycle like this.

2. Naturally Distressed Wood

distressed wood table upcycle

Technically a side table but the same technique can be applied to a coffee table. The table was repainted before reclaimed wood was added to the tabletop. Such a dramatic transformation by Taryn Whiteaker.

3. Painted & Distressed

coffee table upcycle

This is the perfect example of what a massive difference simply painting a piece of furniture can make. After painting the coffee table was lightly distressed which makes it even more charming. Head over to Crafting A Green World to find out more.

4. Chalk Paint & Decoupage

chalk paint and decoupage table upcycle

Technically not a coffee table but a fantastic example upcycling with chalk paint and decoupage. Snazzy Little Things shows us how to make such an amazing transformation using chalk paint and decoupage. This is one stand out piece!

5. Pop Of Color

coffee table upcycle

Add a pop of color to brighten any room. We love how Life On Kaydeross Creek has maintained a rustic look while making it modern.

6. Back To Wood

paint removal from furniture

Take it back to wood with this great tutorial by Our Home Made Easy. Sometimes it is best to start afresh and remove the layers of paint before upcycling. Or possibly you have a varnished or painted coffee table and are wanting to reinstate the original wood look.

7. Lime Wash

liming wax furniture finish

Lime waxing furniture is a fantastic way to totally transform a coffee table or any other piece of furniture for that matter! Start by stripping and cleaning the coffee table before applying the lime way and buffing off. Visit Repurpose and Upcycle to learn how to lime wash furniture.

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