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7 Of The Best TV Stand Upcycle Projects

Here at diyThought we LOVE a good upcycle project! There isn’t much better than transforming something old, worn and unwanted into something amazing and like-new again! We have hunted and found 7 of the best TV stand upcycle projects. These projects have all started with an old TV stand (with the exception of the dresser turned into a TV stand) and transformed them into something new. New modern TV stands, a toy kitchen or other amazing furniture these are 7 of the best TV stand upcycle projects around that prove that upcycling is a great alternative to buying new.

7 Of The Best TV Stand Upcycle Projects

TV Stand Upcycle Projects

1. Bright Modern TV Stand Upcycle

This is a simple upcycled TV stand but the transformation is truly amazing. The perfect example of what a big difference new paint and doors can make to an outdated piece of furniture. Head over to Home Talk to see the before photos and find out exactly how this upcycle project was completed.

2. Simplique Designs

This upcycle project started as an old bulky TV stand and has been transformed into a TV stand perfect for any room. Place a modern TV on top and you have a new modern TV stand! The work by Simplique Designs has to be seen to believed, it is that amazing. We were lucky enough to feature some of their work which you can see by clicking here.

3. Repurposed TV Stand to Play Kitchen

Transform your old TV stand into something completely new that the kids will love. This repurposed TV stand to play kitchen will get hours of use. Such a fun upcycle project. Find out more about this project at Giggleberry Creations.

4. How To turn a Dresser into a TV Stand

Take an old dresser and transform it into a modern TV stand. The transformation here is truly amazing. A fantastic tutorial by Two Twenty One which details the entire process. This is a great tutorial for anyone looking to upcycle any item of furniture.

5. Upcycled Dresser to TV Stand

Another great example of a dresser upcycled and repurposed into a TV stand. What was a dated dresser now looks bright, modern and new! The white paint is perfect with the contrasting baskets. Find out more over at At The Parks.

6. Total Transformation

It takes some serious skills to do achieve what Christina Faye Repurposed has with this upcycled TV stand. The original TV stand was purchased for just $3.99! It looked completely different, very large, natural wood color with bumps and holes. Pieces were removed and added to create this amazing buffet table. This is a transformation in its finest.

7. New Paint

This is a fantastic example of what a difference new paint can make. Nothing else has been changed on this TV stand but it looks very different from the before photo. Find out more about this TV stand over at Vintage Meets Glam.

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