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Cabinet Storage Hacks to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Pro

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Kitchen cabinets can be tough to keep neat, especially if you have limited storage space and too much stuff. However, taking the time to organize your cabinets will be well worth it to increase the functionality of your kitchen. Here are some storage hacks to organize your cabinets like a pro.

Cabinet Storage Hacks to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Pro

Cabinet Storage Hacks to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Pro

DIY Organizers

Drawer organizers are so handy in keeping kitchen utensils in place. Keep things tidy by cutting a piece of a pool noodle and putting it behind your silverware organizer to hold it in place.

The organizers themselves can be overpriced, though, so why not make your own? If you have old magazine holders or file organizes, you can place them in your cabinets to store baking sheets, cutting boards, container lids and anything else that can be placed vertically.

Cleaning Supplies

cleaning supplies

Under the kitchen sink is one of the scariest places in most homes. It’s small, dark and sometimes smells. Try placing a tension rod to hang your cleaning supplies from. You could also utilize this idea in a pantry. It helps keep bottles from toppling over all the time.

Hang spray bottle cleaners by placing the nozzle onto the tension rod. They look nice and neat and free up the bottom of your cabinet for other things. You could also hang a tension rod on the wall and store lids to pots and pans — they balance between the rod and the wall. An over-the-door organizer could be used for cleaning products and lids as well. Any of these methods will free up space to feel less cluttered.

Spice It Up

If you’ve accumulated a lot of spices over the years, you may know how frustrating it can be to organize them in a way that’s easy to navigate. You can make a mess trying to find that one shaker that got pushed to the back of the cupboard. A wall-hanging spice rack works great if you have the wall space, but there are other solutions.

Lazy Susans are a great way to organize spices in your cabinets. They easily spin around to display the herbs, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. Tiered racks work great for displaying spices as well. Remember to keep the ones you frequently use in the front, so no digging is required. After all, the whole point of organizing is to make things easy for yourself.


labeled containers

Labels are a fantastic way to keep your kitchen organized and achieve that professional look. They cut down on time spent searching for what you need, from spices to jars to baskets filled with snacks. Imagine cooking dinner and not having to frantically search for garlic salt when you need it because it is nicely labeled in an easily accessible spot.

Labels make the most disorganized pantries look tidy and sophisticated. Place cute baskets labeled with categories of snacks on your shelves. You will never mistake your clear jars of flour, sugar and baking soda for one another again. Your favorite cookies have their own space on a high shelf to keep them out of reach from little hands with a clear label, so you don’t have to dig for them in a pinch.

Hang It Up

Add some storage to your countertops and existing cabinets by hanging things up to get them off the counter. Try installing hooks on the undersides of your cabinets to hang small wire baskets. You could use these baskets to store dry goods in clear jars with labels or to hang coffee cups, which aren’t easily stackable like regular glasses.

Hooks on the ceiling or above the stove could be used to store pots and pans. You could also hang some inside your cupboards if they’re high enough. Clip hooks could be used to store gloves inside the cabinet under your kitchen sink. They could also come in handy for hanging your broom and mop inside your pantry or fridge.

Hacks to Keep Your Kitchen Clutter-Free

Your kitchen should be your oasis, but it can be challenging to feel that way when there’s clutter everywhere. It might be tempting to hide that clutter behind cabinet doors. However, organizing your cabinets will make your life much easier. Try out these hacks to make your kitchen feel like a professional chef’s.

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