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Creative Activities to Find More Meaning Throughout the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, you might be caught in a frenzy of gift buying, gift wrapping, party planning, and more. While the holidays are a joyful time, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re juggling a seemingly endless list of things to plan and buy. 

The irony of this is the fact that this time of year is meant to be one of peace and joy, with time well spent with loved ones and the chance to pause and give thanks for life’s many blessings. If you’re feeling bogged down by shopping and planning and are wondering how to recapture the true essence of what this time of year is all about, there are a few wonderful ways you can do so—and in the spirit of all things DIY, no gift buying is required! 

Creative Activities to Find More Meaning Throughout the Holidays

All of these printables are available free by following the link at the end of this article.

Creative Activities to Find More Meaning Throughout the Holidays

Holiday Planning Conversation Cards

Carving out some time as a family for some intentional discussion about the holidays is a great way to redirect the focus of the season. For a crafty way to kick off your meaningful conversations, print out these holiday conversation starter cards, cut them out, and throw them in a bowl. Take turns drawing the cards and answering the questions you pick and enjoy learning about your family’s personal hopes and expectations for the holiday season and discover new ways to celebrate together. 

conversation starters

Printable Holiday Gift Coupons

While gift-giving is often a classic aspect of Christmas time, it can be hard to find a balance between giving your kids new toys and presents while still teaching them about the significance of the season—things like having a grateful heart, giving to others, and spending quality time with loved ones. 

To shift the focus away from gift-giving alone and get intentional about bonding as a family, get creative with these printable holiday gift coupons. Use them as a way to carve out some time to simply enjoy being together as a family, and give your kids the gift of experiences and quality time. 

holiday coupons printable

With these gift coupons, your kids can cash in to play their favorite board game, take a trip to the movies, or have dinner together at their favorite restaurant. Use them throughout the month as an easy way to create more time spent together as a family. 

Not only does it give the kiddos something to look forward to, but it also serves as a valuable lesson in helping kids understand there’s so much more to this time of year than unwrapping a new gift. They can even be used once the holiday season has ended—coupons like the free chore pass or staying up 30 minutes later before bedtime are a great tool for rewarding positive and kind behaviors for kids.

While it’s important to teach your children the value of the holiday season with things that don’t involve presents, that’s not to say you shouldn’t buy any at all! Waking up to gifts under the tree is a classic tradition for many families that doesn’t need to be thrown out. It’s all about balance! To help you stay organized with your gifts, use this printable gift checklist and budget tracker to stay on top of it all without going over your budget

All of the free printables are available below.

The holidays are a wonderful time and savoring moments together as a family is one of the best gifts you could ever give. Keeping a well-rounded perspective about the meaning of the season doesn’t have to be complicated, and these printable activities can give you a jump start to sparking joy and meaning this holiday season! 

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