nature art unicorn craft

Nature Art Unicorn Craft

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This Nature Art Unicorn Craft provides the perfect opportunity to get out into the garden to smell the flowers. Made using our free printable, a recycled cardboard box, and flowers this is a fun and low-cost craft that is also lots of fun to make! No glue is used in the construction of this nature art unicorn so the flowers can be easily removed and the cardboard base saved to be again in the future.

Nature Art Unicorn Craft

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Unicorns have been with our girls since they were little so I knew that they would love this fun nature art unicorn craft. In our family nature art crafts are always popular. The girls love getting outside and collecting treasures from the garden. If you don’t have many flowers in your garden you could also use different leaves or skip nature and try using foam stickers and other craft box goodies.

Materials Needed

Free Printable

We have put together this free unicorn printable to make setting up this craft super easy. If you don’t have a printer you can draw the horn, ears, and other detail onto the cardboard box. Print the image below or save for future use. To make a larger or smaller unicorn adjust the size of the image under your printer settings.

Let’s Get Creating

The Unicorn Base

Start by constructing the unicorn base. Get your cardboard box and cut one flat side from it. Print and cut out the printable but don’t worry about cutting out the eyes in detail as you will use this to draw over to get the impression of the eye.

Place the unicorn parts onto the cardboard box and using the pencil draw a unicorn head shape. To draw the eyes, place the printable eyes where you would like them and draw over firmly with a pencil. The outline should press through onto the cardboard where you can draw over with the pencil. Go over the pencil lines with the Sharpie or other pen. Next, glue on the horn, ears, and cheeks with the glue stick.

Use a needle to pierce holes around the horn and ears. You can wiggle the needle to widen the hole or carefully use scissors to make the hole bigger. The hole needs to be larger enough to thread the flower stems through. If in doubt make them a little larger! I had to increase the size of some of our holes after we started adding the flowers. For younger children larger will be better, just don’t make the holes so large that the entire flower pulls through.

Invite Your Child

Grab a container and head outdoors to collect flowers, leaves, and other nature supplies that you would like to use to create the flower crown. When you have enough gathered start to thread them through the holes on the unicorn base. Ideally, start with the larger flowers and then place on the smaller ones. Tuck some small leaves under the flowers as a simple way to add some greenery. When you are happy with your unicorn crown take a photo and then remove the flowers so you can make up a new flower crown now or later.

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Thank you for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed this nature art unicorn craft today.

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