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Decorated Wood Slice Pumpkins

It doesn’t get much better than these decorated wood slice pumpkins for a fun and stylish fall decoration! Perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving these amazing pumpkins can stay out on display for an entire season. Take inspiration and make your own amazing pumpkins this season. This is one fun at-home activity that the whole family can get involved with.

These amazing wood slice pumpkins have been made by Lori Muse and her daughter using Iron Orchid Transfers, stamps, and moulds. Lori runs Sawdust Dreams Llc on Facebook as well as the online store The Homebodi. A selection of these fantastic pumpkins is available to purchase through The Homebodi as well as a range of resources to help you make your own pumpkins.

Decorated Wood Slice Pumpkins

decorated wood slice pumpkins

Today we have the pleasure of featuring 12 of Lori Muses and her daughter’s decorated wood log slice pumpkins. Each of their pumpkins is unique and all are stunning. One of the wonderful things about making wood slice pumpkins is that the decoration possibilities are endless! Many people stick with traditional orange paint when making wood slice pumpkins but we are loving the individual difference with each of these pumpkins.

The Iron Orchid Transfers, stamps, and paper clay moulds give the pumpkins a truly professional finish. If working with young children give them their own pumpkin slice and set them up with paints. Let children create their own amazing design without any restrictions this will enable you to focus on your own fabulous pumpkin design.

You Will Need

To create your own pumpkin you will need a few basic items but you can get creative and change some of the below out for alternative materials. For example, a small cut branch could be used in place of the corks and the greenery swapped out for ribbon.

Get Creating

Start with your wood log slice base. It should be smooth and clean from dust and anything else that might compromise the end result. If you have cut your own wood slice you may need to give it a sand before beginning so you are working with a smooth surface.

Decide on how you are going to decorate your pumpkin slice. Transfers, stamps and moulds all give different results. If you are great at painting (or like a challenge) then get thinking about the design that you would like to paint.

Decorating The Wood Slice

If painting your own design then it could be helpful to draw out your idea onto a piece of paper before you begin. Once you have decided on your design draw it onto the wood slice with a pencil before painting. Once you are ready go ahead and paint.

The wood slice pumpkins featured here today have been made using either, transfers, moulds, or stamps. With these methods, it is easy to envision the final result. In saying that you will need to have a think about the placement of your chosen method. Some transfers will coat the entire surface of the wood slice or you might opt to decorate a particular section. The same goes for stamps and moulds, will it be a continuous design to cover the entire wood slice, a section or a random design? There is no wrong or right here, part of the fun is coming up with a design that will make you smile.

Other alternitive methods to decorate your wood slices include decoupage, stencils or freehand painting.

Extra Detailing

These decorated wood slice pumpkins all use corks for the pumpkin stems. The easiest way to attach the cork stem is to use a hot glue gun or other strong glue.

Faux greenery has been used to decorate around the cork stems. This can be found at many dollar and craft stores. Test out different types and quantity or greenery until you are happy with your results. Lori and her daughter get the balance just right for each individual pumpkin. The greenery really finishes off the entire pumpkin look.

The sizes used to create these wood slice pumpkins range between 6 and 12 inches. We love the size of the pumpkins featured here as they really show off the amazing transfers and designs well. Small pumpkins would also be lovely. A series of mini pumpkins would work well displayed together as a group!

Lori and her daughter are truly talented and have a great eye for colors and design. Be sure to check out their online shop The Homebodi to find lots of useful transfers, wood slices, and other items perfect to create your own decorated wood slice pumpkins. The Facebook page Sawdust Dreams Llc has a great video tutorial on how to make these pumpkins using the Iron Orchid Transfers so be sure to follow the links at the start of this article to find out more about the great work Lori and her daughter do.

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Thank you for stopping by and a big thanks to Lori for creating such stunning work!

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