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DIY Beaded Door Curtain Fly Screen

Get rid of pesky flies with a DIY Beaded Door Curtain Fly Screen. No more chemical sprays or chasing flys around with a fly swat when you have one of these stunning fly screens hanging from your door.

The awesome DIY beaded door curtain fly screen featured today was designed and made by the very talented Beaujolais Mum. She got so sick of all of the flies in her home that she got creative with some beads and came up with this door curtain. Now she can leave the door open to enjoy the garden without being bothered by flies!

Making a beaded door curtain only required a few resources and some time. Once you get into the flow of threading the beads it will not take long to make. It can even be done while watching your favorite TV show! This is a practical DIY project that is fun to make and lovely to look at once completed.

DIY Beaded Door Curtain Fly Screen

DIY beaded curtain fly screen

You Will Need

To make this DIY beaded door curtain fly screen you will only need a few items. The look of the door curtain can vary tremendously depending on the beads used. There is no wrong or right here but have a think about how you would like the final curtain to look before purchasing the beads. We have included Amazon affiliate links so you can get an idea of the items required. Shop around, visit your local hardware store, dollar shops, and craft stores to find the best bargains.

  • Wood dowel/ rod– The bead lengths are tied onto a rod. A curtain rod would also work well. You will also need hooks of a size to match the thickness of your rod to fasten your curtain above the doorway.
  • Strong fishing line– This needs to be strong to be able to hold the weight of the beads.
  • Beads– Beads come in a variety of different materials such as glass, polymer clay, and wood. The beads used in this DIY beaded door curtain fly screen were a mixture of acrylic and plastic beads. Be mindful of weight when selecting your beads.
  • Clear drying glue. Do not use a hot glue gun as it could melt the fishing line.
how to make a beaded curtain fly screen

How To Make It

Gather all of your supplies. Have a think about how you would like the final product to look. Beaujolais Mum used beads of a similar size and went with a navy blue feature. This can be seen at the top of the beadwork and then again with the navy beads scattered throughout the lengths.

Check the length of your wood rod against the doorway that it will be hanging from. If too long cut to the correct length.

The featured fly screen has 17 bead lengths. This may be different on your one depending how wide you are making it. A window may be narrower and some ranchsliders or folding doors longer. It is a good idea to make the beaded lengths, tie them on and then glue them at the end when you are happy with their placement.

Take your fishing line and cut off a long strand. This will need to be longer than what you actually need as some extra line will be needed so it can be tired onto the wood rod.

Tie on your first bead and then thread more beads onto your line until you have enough to dangle the length of the doorway. Tie the beaded length onto the wood rod by wrapping around the wood rod 2-3 times to take the weight off the knot. Repeat this step covering the length of the rod.

Check that the beaded lengths are evenly spaced. Apply a small dab of paint to hold the beads in place on the wood rod. Add a drop of glue on the top bead so if the line happens to break you won’t have beads scattered everywhere!

DIY beaded door curtain fly screen

It is ready to hang!

Your beaded curtain fly screen is now ready to hang! Beaujolais Mum used screw-in hooks to fasten her awesome screen above the doorway. Curtain rod wall brackets would also work well. Whatever you use it will need to hold the weight of the beads and be wide enough to fit your wood rod.

Thanks to Beaujolais Mum for this fantastic summer DIY idea!

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  1. Jean Youngblood July 6, 2023 at 10:49 am - Reply

    Does this really work for flies?
    How cool00

    • Kelly Sanderson September 17, 2023 at 9:40 am - Reply

      We had something similar growing up and it did help!

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