DIY Nixie Tube Clocks

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A Nixie Tube Clock is something that I have wanted to build for a long time.  Over the years I have been collecting various tutorials on how to build these beautiful clocks.

Nixie tubes were invented in the 1950’s but have made a comeback recently driven by the steampunk and DIY maker movements. Nixie tubes generally display the numbers 0–9 but in a completely different way to normal clock lights. If you look closely at a nixie tube and you’ll see it has the ten decimal digits made out of bent wire and arranged in a stack, one in front of the other, inside a sealed glass bulb. When electrical current passes though a number it glows.

Hopefully one day soon I will sit down and build one myself. If you happen to make one please send some photos and let us know how you got on. I would love to see some come to life.

1. Lamina Nixie Clock

This is one of my favorite diy nixe clocks. The steampunk aesthetic is really punched home with the wood and brass finishes. Here is the instructable to make your own.

2. Raspberry Pi Nixie Clock


This amazing nixie clock was made by 10 year old Alex, from Texas. He shared his most recent school project. It’s a great project and a fantastically clear tutorial. We thought you should to see it too.

3. DIY Step By Step Nixie Clock

Want more of an off the shelf kit rather than a diy project? This video will show you how to put together a kit that you can buy off ebay.

4. Simple user-adjustable DIY Nixie Clock


This instructable is one for those of us who really want to get their hands into everything. Not only does it comprehensively cover the build of the clock it also covers designing and etching your own electrical circuit boards. It is an amazing tutorial for anyone who wants to get into more electrical projects.


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