Pipe Cleaner Flower Tutorial

DIY Paper And Pipe Cleaner Flowers

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Pipe cleaner flower craftBrighten someone’s day with these DIY paper and pipe cleaner flowers. Paper and pipe cleaner flowers are fun to make and suit a range of ages. Help will be needed with younger children with the folding and cutting but they will still enjoy decorating and unfolding their creations.

The paper flowers are made using the same technique as a paper snowflake, minus the hole in the center and the edges are curved to give a flower effect. A pipe cleaner is then inserted into the center to complete the flower. Read on for the full tutorial.

DIY Paper And Pipe Cleaner Flowers


Materials needed

-A4 paper
-Pens, paints, crayons, etc.
Pipe cleaner

What To Do

First things first, you need to decorate your paper! My girls are 2 and 4 so this is the part they really got to be involved in. We decided to use some watercolors over white crayon drawings. They both quickly got bored of drawing with crayons but loved telling me what to draw for them to paint over to discover the picture. We did pages and pages of these. SO many that we now have a snowflake window (see photo at end of post) as well as some pretty DIY paper and pipe cleaner flowers.

You can decorate your paper with any medium desired. Of course, if you are in a hurry to make these DIY paper and pipe cleaner flowers paint will really slow down the process. You will see in one of the photos below we made some others out of a drawing Miss 2 did with pens.


Now that your paper is decorated it is time for the paper folding fun. Older children will enjoy this part! I have included photos to help to make this part easier to explain. The written description follows the photos.

Paper Flower Folding


These paper flowers are made using the same technique to make paper snowflakes. They are really simple once you know how!

  1. Using an A4 piece of paper fold the corner to the top to form a triangle. Cut this off. You can make a large flower/ snowflake with the large piece of paper, you need the smaller size for these flowers.
  2. With the off cut fold two more triangles.
  3. Take one of the small triangles. This is used to make the flower.
  4. Fold this triangle in half.
  5. With the point pointing down fold one upper point about 2/3 across.
  6. Fold the other point over the top. Both sides should be equally folded. If not unfold and adjust.
  7. Flip it over and cut a curve like pictured in photo 7.
  8. Now cut out any pattern you like from the sides. Make sure you leave some of both sides intact and don’t cut the end off as this will create a hole in the middle of the flower, which is pretty for a snowflake but not good for this flower.
  9. Unfold and admire your creation!

Now you simply pierce the pipe cleaner through the center of the flower and make the end poking through into a circle shape. The other end you can bend the shape of a leaf or just leave it as a straight stalk.



And finally our snowflake window.



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