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While going to a trained yoga instructor definitely has its advantages, we don’t always have the time, freedom or money to do so which is when diy yoga at home is fantastic. No matter what your experience there is a diy yoga at home tutorial to suit you. Even if you are short on time there are 5 minute lessons available, so there is no excuse not to include yoga in your day!

1. My Free Yoga

My Free Yoga has heaps of free yoga videos. This video is a great for people at a beginner level but they have videos for all levels available.

2. Do Yoga With Me

Do Yoga With Me is easy to use and has a wide range of yoga videos. You can search under, difficulty, length, style and teacher making it easy to find a yoga video which suits you. The majority of the videos are free on this site with a small percentage are included only for paying members. This is a great yoga site which suits everyone.

3. Fightmaster Yoga

Lesley Fightmaster is a trained yoga instructor who believes that yoga should be free to everyone so she has put together a free you tube yoga channel. There is a wide range of classes which are definitely worth checking out. An excellent starting point if you are new to yoga is Fightmaster’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge For Beginners, which is includes a new video for each day.

4. Yome

Yome is another great site which has a huge collection of yoga videos to watch for free. There is also a range of interesting yoga related articles to read and the ability to connect with other people who also enjoy yoga. There is the option of a free sign up to access extra features or skip sign up and start watching the videos straight away.

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