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Giant Fuzzy Pipe Cleaner Monsters

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Giant fuzzy pipe cleaners are on a whole other level of pipe cleaner fun! Today we are showing you how to create your own giant fuzzy pipe cleaner monsters. This is an easy and fun craft project which is suitable for all ages.

Miss 5 was lucky enough to receive this amazing craft kit for her birthday. The first thing to come out of it was the giant fuzzy pipe cleaners. We all got twisting and creating. What started as a series of fuzzy worms, snakes and caterpillars evolved into these fun monsters.

Giant Fuzzy Pipe Cleaner Monsters

giant fuzzy monster craft

You Will Need

These monster are super easy to make! Really the only supplies you need are fuzzy pipe cleaners and googly eyes then the rest is up to you. Below is the list of what we used to create our fun fuzzy monsters.

pipe cleaner monster craft

If you are running low on crafting supplies then this craft box which our daughter received for her birthday contains everything you need to create your giant fuzzy pipe cleaner monsters.

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How To Make Your Monster

pipe cleaner monster craft

There really is no right or wrong way to make your monster!

Start with a giant fuzzy pipe cleaner and add on some eyes. If you are using sticky googly eyes then simply peel from the backing and stick on otherwise use glue to stick the eyes on. We used sticky eyes but Miss 5 decided to glue as well (she was making the most of using her new craft kit).

pipe cleaner monster craft

Bend the giant fuzzy pipe cleaner into shape for the body. Try to get it standing up!

Now add on any extras. We used regular sized pipe cleaners for the arms, legs, tails, hair. One of our monsters had wood dowel and pipe cleaner legs! You can get really creative here. Add pom-poms and anything else that you like from your craft kit.

giant pipe cleaner fuzzy monster craft

Great work, you have now created your very own giant fuzzy pipe cleaner monster! Our monsters have had a great time, watching TV, supervising dinner and hanging out with the kids. What will your monsters get up too?

pipe cleaner monsters
pipe cleaner monsters

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