Very Hairy Monster Cake

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My youngest daughter LOVES monsters so for her second birthday I made her this very hairy monster cake. Her birthday was a while back now but if she hears that someone is having a birthday she raises her hands into monster claws and says ‘MoNster Cake’ so it is safe to assume she liked it! This very hairy monster cake is amazingly simple to decorate, so much so that I don’t think it is possible to mess it up. So if you are after a monster cake which easy and won’t take much time to make then this is the cake for you! I first found some monster cake inspiration here and then modified it to suit our needs. First, you will need to bake a cake. I made two different monster cakes, the first was a caramel cake and the second cake was a banana cake but any cake should work well. Each monster cake is made from two cakes sandwiched together so you can either double the recipe or choose two different flavors.

Very Hairy Monster Cake

how to make a monster cake

You will need:

  • 8 inch (20cm) round cake tin.
  • Round dome hemisphere cake tin.
  • Grass/ hair icing nozzle.
  • Piping bag.
  • Butterfly cutter or another favorite shape.
  • Fondant icing for the eyes, mouth and butterfly antennae.
  • Food coloring in your desired colors. I like to use the gel colors
  • Icing sugar to prevent the fondant sticking.
  • Rolling pin.
  • Buttercream icing.
  • Kebab sticks.img_5532m4


  1. A couple of days before you plan on assembling the cake make the butterfly antennae. Color some of the fondant for the butterflies.  Sprinkle some icing sugar onto a clean surface and roll out the fondant so it is just thick enough so you can insert the kebab sticks without the fondant breaking. Once the correct thickness cut out the butterflies and insert the kebab stick. Leave to dry. You can also make the eyes at this stage. Roll and cut out large white, medium blue, and small black fondant circles and stick together with a little water to look like eyes.
  2. Bake two cakes one in the 8 inch round cake tin and the other in the round dome hemisphere cake tin.
  3. Make a buttercream icing. Recipe found here. Spread some between cakes and join them together.
  4. Color and roll out some black fondant and cut a mouth shape using a knife. Roll out some white fondant and cut out some teeth. Stick the teeth onto the black mouth with a little water. Spread some buttercream icing onto the lower section of the cake and stick on the mouth.
collagem5 5. You can apply a layer of buttercream to the whole cake at this point if you like a thicker icing layer. Insert the icing nozzle and fill up the piping bag with buttercream icing in the desired base hair color. Apply hair icing, leave big circles bare for the monsters spots. Once the cake is covered then change the buttercream icing to the spot color and fill in bare spot spaces. collagem6 6. Stick on eyes and insert the butterfly antennae. One super very hairy monster cake complete! Check out the different color combination and the eyebrows on this other monster cake I made below. We had a family party as well as a small holiday with friends over her birthday so she ended out getting two cakes. One happy two year old! img_5601m2

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