How to decorate the living room

How To Decorate The Living Room In Your New Home

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Have you just bought a new home? Or perhaps just want to refresh and restyle your living room? In that case, congratulations are in order. Hope you will enjoy your new home. 

However, you have probably realized that this is when the hard work starts. It is time to decorate and make your home comfortable, the place you want to spend time in, and relax. If you are not sure what furniture and other decorating items you need, making a living room checklist for a new home is a good idea. 

How To Decorate The Living Room In Your New Home

What Decorating Style Should I Go For?

As we all know, non-cluttered Scandi style decorating concepts are very popular. You have probably heard the expression “hygge.” It doesn’t look like we are going to get back to chintz and flowery patterns any time soon. 

Minimalism and Scandi style decor go hand in hand. One of the main advantages is that the decorating style gives you plenty of space in your home. If you have a family and perhaps a few furry friends, having space makes looking after your home easier. 

Quality Furniture VS Mass Market Furniture

The other choice you need to make is whether you should go for mass-market furniture or better-quality brand furniture. 

Although stores such as IKEA sell cheap functional furniture, the truth is that mass-market furniture may not last as long. When you can afford to buy quality, furniture is a much better idea. 

Quality furniture is better for the environment. Branded furniture lasts longer, and you can often repair it if it becomes damaged. You would probably recover a branded sofa but discard a cheap sofa. 

Deciding On The Size Of The Furniture

When you don’t want to clutter up your living room, it is a good idea to get your measurements right. Measure out the space that you have available and “plan in” the furniture. 

If the space is empty, you can always put masking tape on the floor where you plan to put the furniture. You can also download apps that will help you to decorate your home. Real Home is a good app that helps you to design your new home. 

Where Can I Get Design Ideas From? 

One of the best places to get design ideas is Pinterest. Yes, there are a few themes on Pinterest that may not be for you. If Boho Chic is not for you, just move on until you find a decorating style that suits you. Perhaps you would like your furniture choices to reflect your lifestyle. You can also check out furniture idea blogs like this one that lists 40 display cabinet ideas by Homes Direct 365 or cheap ways to decorate like this article on cheap decor ideas by Family Handy Man.

Then again, maybe you would like to turn over a new leaf. No matter what, Pinterest and similar sites are packed with handy decorating and styling tips for your new home. 

Take a look at the living rooms featured and make a note of the furniture you find in them. Add them to your living room checklist for your new home and you are off to a good start.

Setting A Budget

Don’t forget to set a budget. The chances are when you have just moved to a new home, you find yourself a little short of cash. Can you hang onto some of your old furniture? If you can hang on until you can afford quality furniture, you will save yourself money in the long run. 

The alternative is to shop around for pre-loved furniture. These days, pre-owned furniture offers excellent value for money. 

What Furniture Should I Buy? 

Furniture is something highly personal. Many are just happy with a sofa and TV screen. The downside is that the Spartan look makes your living room look bare and less homely. Adding a few more furniture items is better. Some people like to upcycle when they redecorate to save money which I cover here with an amazing coffee table upcycling post.

There are a few things that you should bear in mind before you rush out to buy a sofa. Color is important but so is style. Chaise lounge-style sofas are very popular. A chaise lounge is a sofa where one end of the sofa is longer than the other one. Great for when you want to have forty winks or rest your legs after a long day at work. If you consider having a modular sofa, head on to Haute Home LA and browse through their wide array of products. Who knows, something might catch your eye for the design you’ve been dreaming of.

If you do a lot of entertaining, a chaise lounge sofa is probably not for you. In that case, it is better to go for a traditional theme with two sofas and maybe an armchair. 

What About Tables? 

Central coffee tables are still very popular. That being said, we are seeing an increasing number of smaller side tables in our living rooms. They look great, but it is nice to have a coffee table. It gives you a chance to add decorative items like DIY flower pots & candles. 

Side tables are better for lights and maybe a flower display. 

Sideboards And Bookcases

Are you a collector? Most of us like to collect a thing or two. When you like to collect things, it is a good idea to bring your hobby into your living room. 

You can show off your collection on a sideboard or in a bookcase. One idea is to buy a sideboard with glass doors. That way, you reduce the amount of dusting you have to do. Bookcases with glass doors are also available. 

Larger display cabinets are okay but can easily end up taking over a small living room. Perhaps you would like to hang some art on the walls instead. 

What About TV Space? 

TVs are an important part of living room culture. These days, you can do almost anything on a TV screen including chatting to your friends and family. In all likelihood, your TV will be an integral part of your living room. 

Fortunately, TVs are not big chunky affairs anymore. Thanks to TV brackets, they no longer take up any floor space. But you may still want to have some kind of TV furniture. TV stands look like mini sideboards these days. They are often low to the floor and don’t take up a lot of space. A TV stand is still an important piece of living room furniture. 

In Conclusion

It is nice to buy new furniture. But don’t only spend your budget on furniture. All of the little extras such as lights and plants are really what make you want to spend time and relax in your living room. Don’t forget to add them to your budget. 

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