Newspaper Owls

Newspaper Owl Art

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Use up your old newspapers and magazines with this fun newspaper owl art. This is a great art and craft activity that kids of all ages are sure to love! Included is a free owl template for you to print out and use so you are guaranteed perfect owls every time!

Did you know that there are about 250 different species of owls on the earth? Many owls are nocturnal which means that they are active at night however some owl species are active during the day and rest at night. These newspaper owls can keep you busy day and night! For more owl facts then this is the book for you!

Newspaper Owl Art

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newspaper owls

Be warned the newspaper eyes are time-consuming! They are not difficult to make but all that cutting, folding, and rolling really does take a fair bit on time. The eyes are also suited to older children to make or have them already made before doing this craft with younger children. In saying all of that, it really is worth making the eyes as they take the newspaper owls to a whole other level of awesome!

We used plain cardstock at a base for the owl. You can use patterned cardstock or even a recycled cardboard box. Get creative and see what other owl art and craft projects you can make using our free printable.

Materials Needed

Owl Printable

You can make owls of all sizes using this free printable below. Simply click the link below the image to print and go to your printer settings. Under the setting find ‘scale’ and change to enlarge or shrink to suit. Or just keep it the original settings and use one of the two sizes provided!

newspaper owl template

Let’s Get Creative

how to make newspaper owls

Start by printing out the printable and gathering all of the materials needed.

The body

Cut out the owl shapes from the printable. Place the cut-out owl shape onto the cardstock and trace around then cut out.

Cut out the wings. To do this fold the remaining spare cardstock and cut out a leaf/ wing shape. Hold your wings up to the owl shape and reduce the size of the wings if needed.

A beak is also needed which can be either cut out from a different color of cardstock, the same cardstock and color with a pen or find a color you like in the magazine/ newspaper and cut a beak from this.

Finally, you will need a circle/ oval cut out of newspaper or magazine for the owl’s body. To do this use the owl printable as a guide and trace around the bottom half of the cut-out owl. From here you can cut slightly within this line and freehand cut the top of the newspaper circle. Place this on the cardstock body and check that you are happy with the size. When happy with your newspaper circle use the glue stick to glue into place.

Glue on the beak and wings using the glue stick.

Newspaper Coil Eyes

To make the newspaper coil eyes you will need a newspaper, ruler, pen, and scissors as well as some sticky tape. Using the ruler measure out 2.5cm/1-inch strips and cut. It will be quickest if you carefully cut more than one page at a time.

Take a strip and fold it in half widthways, so it will now be an even narrower long strip of paper! Tightly wind the newspaper together. When you have finished the strip use some sticky tape to hold the coil in place. Fold another strip widthways and using more sticky take add this to the coil and continue to wind it on. Continue this process until you are happy with the size of the newspaper coil eye. Now do it all over again to make the second eye! Take your eyes and smother them with glue and stick them into place.

Well done you have now made your newspaper owl. How about making an entire owl family? Or make a branch for your owl to perch on from the newspaper.

newspaper owls

More Crafts To Try

Thankyou for stopping by. We hope you liked making this newspaper owl art today!

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