Nature art owls

Nature Art Owls

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Gather nature supplies and create your own beautiful nature art owls. The base of the owl is made from a recycled box so this is an art and craft project that is kind on the environment as well gentle on your pocket! Not only are they fun to make but nature crafts are always so therapeutic. I always enjoy this type of crafting as much as our girls do and we hope you do too.

Now if you are worried about how on earth you are going to draw an owl, don’t as we have you sorted with a free printable owl template that you can trace around. Once the owl base has been made the fun really begins!

Nature Art Owls

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Nature art owls

We are on lockdown where we live at the moment which means we are at home all of the time, our girls are home from school and restrictions have been put on items not deemed essential so we have been spending lots of time crafting. In particular, crafting using recycled materials and resources found around our home. So this is one of these perfect crafts where we have everything we need right here at home.

You Will Need

  • A copy of the free owl printable below, or draw your own owl.
  • Pen and scissors.
  • The flat side of a cardboard box.
  • Nature supplies from your garden. Leaves, flowers, petals, sticks, almost anything can be used. If you are short on nature supplies consider using other recyclables such as egg carton or milk lids for eyes or paper scraps to decorate.
  • Glue. We used a combination of PVA and a hot glue gun.
owl printable

Let’s Get Creating

nature art owls

The Owl Base

Print out a copy of the free owl printable above. Cut around the outline and then draw around the outline onto a flat piece of a cardboard box. Carefully cut out the owl outline. Repeat for the quantity of nature owl you would like to make.

Gather Your Supplies

Armed with scissors head out into your garden. Gather a collection of different nature supplies that you think could be used to decorate your owls with. Autumn leaves would look stunning as would shells for eyes if you happen to live close to the beach. Put all of your supplies in a box so you can store away the unused supplies for future art and craft projects.


Lay the nature supplies out on a table and place the owl base in front of you. Brainstorm what can go where and think about how it will all be layered. With this craft, it is best to work in reverse. It is tempting to start with the eyes and other details but it is best to put these on last!

Most of our natural resources we glued on using PVA glue however some items required stronger quick dry glue such as a hot glue gun. If the items are easy to lay flat the PVA/ craft glue will work well, consider this when selecting your nature resources.

Miss 5, Miss 8 and I all decided to use leaves for our wings but there is no wrong or right here. You can see Miss 5’s owl has some of the cardboard base showing. As tempting as it was to get involved her design is beautiful and exactly how she wanted it. I am always amazed when we do crafts like this as a family the great ideas that our girls come up with and how often their results are better than mine! So other than with very young children who will need some help let the kids at it and see how different, unique, and stunning all of the individual designs are.

Happy crafting!

Nature art owls

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