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fork and toilet paper painted bear craft

Painted Polar Bear Craft

This painted polar bear craft is super easy and SO much fun to make! Suitable for everyone from toddlers (with some help)...
newspaper cow craft

Newspaper Cow Craft

C is for COW with this fun newspaper cow craft. This cow craft is made using our free printable, a recycled breakfast...
newspaper lion craft

Newspaper Lion Craft

Making this newspaper lion craft is easy and fun and suitable for kids of all ages! This totally adorable craft has been...
newspaper quails

Newspaper Quail Craft

Q is for quail and this fun newspaper quail craft. This is a fabulous craft uses old magazines and newspaper however you...
shark craft

8 Super Shark Crafts

It doesn't matter if you love the very catchy Baby Shark song or are doing a study on sharks these 8 super...