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Newspaper/ Magazine Shape Penguins

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These newspaper/ magazine shape penguins have got to be the cutest way ever to learn about shapes! They are even fun for older children who are after a simple to put-together craft activity! Made from black cardstock and then decorated with either newspaper or pages from an old magazine these shape penguins are also a fab low-cost craft that uses recycled materials.

Newspaper/ Magazine Shape Penguins

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Newspaper/ Magazine Shape Penguins

These shape penguins are super fun for all ages to make. For younger children cut out all of the shapes ready for the kids to stick into place. Older kids will be able to draw, cut out and make their penguins. To extend this craft you could use the penguins to decorate a card with or paint/ draw lovely background scenery to stick the penguins onto.

Materials Used

Below is a list of materials that we used to make these newspaper/ magazine shape penguins. Use what you have already at home. Swap out the black cardstock for cardstock of another color or even patterned craft paper would be perfect for some super funky unique penguins. No googly eyes, make some eyes with paper. Use either a newspaper or a magazine or do as we have done and use both!

The Printable

Print out the shape penguin printable below. Cut out the shapes and draw around them with the pencil. You can change the size of the shapes under your printer settings.

Shape printable free

Let’s Get Creative

Newspaper/ Magazine Shape Penguins- how to make

Gather all of the materials needed to make your shape penguins. Are you using newspapers or magazines? Have a look through the newspaper/ magazine for some orange paper and cut it out. This will be used for the beak and feet. If there is no orange (or just because you want to) cut out another color for the beaks and feet. You will also need some text for the penguin’s body shape.

Cut out all of the pieces. Draw the penguin shapes that you would like to make onto the black cardstock. If using the printable, cut the shapes out and trace around them to transfer the shape onto the cardstock. Next cut out the same shape but slightly smaller from the newspaper/ magazine. Cut two wings, an orange beak, and two feet.

Glue the smaller shape inside of the large shape with gluestick. Continue with the gluing and glue on the beak, wings, feet, and googly eyes.

Repeat and make your next penguin.

Newspaper/ Magazine Shape Penguins

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Thank you for stopping by today. We hope you enjoyed making these newspaper/ magazine shape penguins today!

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