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Newspaper Quail Craft

Q is for quail and this fun newspaper quail craft. This is a fabulous craft uses old magazines and newspaper however you could swap the magazine paper for other craft paper. A perfect craft to do to her with letter recognition of the letter Q! They would be super cute made into a gift card or displayed up on the wall.

What can you make from three half circles/ semicircles? A quail of course! Using half circles makes it incredibly easy to make a cute quail. You can mostlikey figure it out by looking at the images but for further help read our detailed tutorial below.

Also included is a free Q is for Quail coloring printable for you to print and color. To learn more about quails then head down the bottom of this article to our Fun Fact quail section. Quails are so much fun and a fascinating little bird. We hope you have fun learning about quails and completing today’s fun craft project!

Newspaper Quail Craft

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Newspaper quail craft

These quails are as simple as cutting out three semicircles, some feet, a beak, and head plume and then gluing them all onto a piece of cardstock or paper. The different textures of the newsprint and magazine paper add interest and texture to these lovely little birds.

You Will Need

We used magazines for the wings, feet, and face details. If you are short on magazines you could use a Sharpie or other pen for these details or use some fun and colorful craft paper.

Let’s Make A Quail

how to make a newspaper quail

First, gather all of your supplies. You will need to cut three half circles or semicircles. One large half circle from a piece of newspaper. A medium-sized half circle from a magazine in any color or pattern that you like for the wing. Finally a small half circle from black magazine paper for the face.

You can see in the above image under number 1 that we traced around a small bowl for the body. We then used a ruler to divide the circle in half or close to half. This does not need to be precise, some we made thicker and others thinner. Having a variety of slightly different quail just adds to their charm! The smaller half-circles were drawn freehand before cutting out with scissors. Do not worry about making these a perfect half-circle shape.

For the face have a look in the above image at number 2. You can see we placed the black magazine face half circle into the position that we wanted it before flipping it over and drawing around the line of the quail’s body. The face piece was then trimmed along that line before being glued into place.

Cut two quail legs from black magazine paper or draw them onto the cardstock base. Also, cut out one head plume and a beak from more black magazine paper. Again these could be drawn on with a black Sharpie or other black pens. The other item that you will need to cut out is a small newspaper circle for the eye.

On the small eye circle draw an eye using a black Sharpie. You can do this in any design you like! Stick the eye onto the face.

Now it is time to put all of the pieces together. Start by gluing the wing to the body. Now glue the legs to the cardstock/ paper but make sure to check on the position before sticking! We then applied the glue all over the body and stuck this to the cardstock/ paper BUT only pressing the bottom section down. Glue the beak and head plume and carefully lift the quail base head up to stick these in place before pressing the body/ head down. For younger crafters simply stick the base body down and then stick the beak and head plume over the top!

You should now have your own super cool quail! Keep scrolling to get a free coloring printable and to find out some interesting quail facts.

Q is for Quail Coloring Page

Print out and color the adorable quail below.

Q is for Quail coloring page

Fun Facts

Quails are a facinating little bird. Here are our favorite fun facts about quails!

  • Quails are small birds that belong to the pheasant and partridge species.
  • They originated from North America but can also be found across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, and South America.
  • Quails live in woodlands, croplands, and open spaces that are covered with bushes such as grasslands and farmlands.
  • The upright feathers on top of the quails head is called a plume.
  • Quails can lay 10 to 20 eggs at one time.

Find out more about quails over at Kidskonnect and Easy Science For Kids.

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Newspaper quail craft

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