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Numbers to 20 Worksheets

Learn your numbers to 20 with help from these fun and free worksheets. Spread over four pages you can print up to the number your child is working on. Learning numbers to 10 then simply print out the first two pages. Also included is a bonus sheet perfect for slightly older children that need an extra challenge.

Miss 5 is currently working on her numbers to 20. She is great with them but gets confused if the number 10 is written like 10 or 01 which is why I have put together these numbers to 20 worksheets. She always loves printable worksheets and I hope your child does too!

Numbers to 20 Worksheets

numbers to 20 worksheets

We are currently at home on lockdown so schooling is quite different from normal. The girls are loving homemade printables and coloring so throwing in a number worksheet is a fun way to sneak some learning in but in a fun stressfree way.

These color and write the number worksheets are great for preschools and those new to school through to older children who may be having difficulty with numbers or older siblings that just love to color. Because Miss 5’s older sister would want to join in this activity I added a bonus worksheet to go alongside the color and write ones to give her an extra challenge.

Click on the numbers to 20 worksheet link below to print off these learning worksheets. For younger children start with working to 5 and then extend to 10. Younger children will also find it easier to count the pictures that they have colored at the bottom of each page and figure out the number of uncolored pictures rather than adding all of the uncolored pictures from each page together.

The Printable Worksheets

Click the above link to print or download to save for later. Under the printer settings, you can adjust how many copies and what pages you would like to print.

How To Complete The Worksheets

How you complete the worksheets will vary depending on the age and level your child is at. We did our pages one at a time. I explained what to do on each page and went through the numbers to make sure miss 5 knew what each number was.

On page one she colored each number, wrote underneath it the number and colored the corresponding image (bear for numbers 1-5) and then repeated for the next number. At the end of each page, she counted the uncolored images (bears) and wrote that number down.

We then moved onto the next page. She repeated this same process. Page 2 focuses on the numbers 6- 10 so on the first number 6, 6 images (ducks) are colored and then each number from then on another gets colored until you have 10 colored ducks. She then counted how many uncolored ducks were left and wrote that number down. We then counted the total of uncolored ducks and bears.

The process was continued for all pages so by the end the uncolored bears, ducks, suns, and balloons were all added up and the total written down on the final page.

For older children print out and solve the added bonus sheet. Miss 5’s older sister, of course, got through her worksheets faster that Miss 5 so this gave her something extra to work on while her sister finished off her worksheets.

math worksheet printables

Other Printable Worksheets

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