Paper Flower Card Craft

A fun paper flower card craft that kids can do! Mother’s day is right around the corner so I thought it would be fun to make some cards. There are many different ways to make paper flowers but I really wanted something easy that my girls can make. So these flowers are super simple to make! We turned our paper flowers into a card but it would also look awesome as wall art.

We also create a washi tape vase because decorating with washi tape is always fun! Washi tape isn’t a must as you can decorate your vase with anything you have on hand, even pencils and pens would look great.

Right, let’s get started on creating your own paper flower card craft.

Paper Flower Card Craft

paper flower card craft

You Will Need

draw circles


First things first, fold your cardstock in half to form the card base. If you are wanting to do this as a fun craft activity leave the cardstock in one piece.


Get your round item, we used the base of a tumbler and draw around it with the pencil. Keep in mind the size of your card and the size of the flowers. You don’t want these to be so large that they don’t fit! Also, keep in mind that if they are too small they will be more difficult to make. Cut the circles out. You will need two circles for each flower. They can be all the same color or different colors like ours. Cut some smaller circles for the center of the flowers.

Now select a circle to make your first flower. Put a pencil dot in the center, this helps to keep the point you are cutting too. Carefully snip around the edge leaving the center of the paper intact. It is easiest to snip the petals in larger sections and then reduce them from there. Don’t worry if you accidentally snip off some of the petals as there will be another flower circle under this top one. If the petals are looking too triangular then trim them down a tiny bit. Try to get all of the petals fairly similar in size. Repeat this step until you have enough (2 per flower) for all of the flowers you are wanting to make.

Apply some glue to the center top of the first petal circle and stick another petal circle on top. With more glue stick attach a small circle to the center of the flowers.

Holding the flower in the circle bend the petals gently, up at the base and down toward the end of the petal. If you are struggling with this part the center of the pencil can be used to bed the petals around.

paper flowers


Now it’s time to make the vase! This can be made in any shape desired. Take a look at the size of your flowers and the size of your card, from here decide what shape and size your vase will be. Draw your vase onto a piece of paper and cut out.

Decorate the vase. If using washi tape place it down on a plastic tray or table surface and stick the washi tape down so it overhangs the paper vase. Gently peel the vase off the surface and bend the overhanging washi tape over or trim off neatly.

add stalks and placement for flower craft

Assembling The Card

Now it is time to assemble the card. Before you stick everything down place the flowers and vase where you would like them. Move them slightly aside and draw on the flower stems. Grab that glue stick and glue the flowers and vase in place.

paper flowers for kids

Now all you need to think about is the message to write in the card or where you are going to hang your new piece of wall art!

paper flower card

egg carton flower crafts

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