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Recycled Box Clock

Learn how to tell the time with this fun recycled box clock. This clock is a great craft project to make with kids that naturally leads to lots of great learning. Made using a recycled box and our free clock face printable this activity is easy to make and can be decorated any way you like. Children will want to learn the time using there own awesome recycled box clock!

After you have finished making and playing with the recycled box clock try our free copy of our learning to tell the time printable worksheets. Test and practice your time-telling skills. Your free printable worksheets can be found at the bottom of this post!

Recycled Box Clock

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This is one of those simple craft projects that are alot of fun to make. It can be customized to suit your tastes. Paint the base, use washi tape or craft box supplies. Or keep it simple and don’t decorate it at all! You can make your own clock face or print ours. The base can be a simple circle or come up with your own fun clock shape.

You Will Need

  • An old cardboard box, large enough to make a clock.
  • Our free printable or make your own clock face. Draw one onto cardstock and then stick it to your cardboard box clock base.
  • Gluestick.
  • Scissors.
  • Craft Knife.
  • Pencil.
  • Pipecleaner.
  • Something to decorate your clock with. We used washi tape and watercolor paint as well as some fun stickers and sticky gems. Be creative, there are many different awesome ways to decorate a recycled box clock!
  • Something to create a hole. We used a hook screw.

Printable Clock Faces

Recycled box clock. PDF clock faces/

Make your own clock face or use one of ours. We have two different colors as well as the choice of having the quarter to/ past and half past guides marked on the clockfaces. Have a look at the image above and decided which best suits you and then find the matching clockface below. Simply click to print or save for future use. You can adjust the size of your clock face under the printer settings.

Let’s Make It

recycled box clock

Start by gathering all of your supplies. Print and cut out the clock face of your choice. Place this onto a flat side of the cardboard box and decide on the clock body design. You can copy one of our designs, do a simple circle, or come up with your own fun clock shape. Cut the clock design out using either the scissors or craft knife. Kids get some help from an adult! Now is also a good time to make the clock hands from the cardboard box. You will need two hands, one slightly longer than the other.

Now it is time to decorate your clock! You should have already thought about how you are going to do this and have your supplies ready to go. We used washi tape to cover one of our clocks and watercolor paints to paint the other. You could also use pens to draw on some fun designs, magazines for a collaged clock or stickers. Whatever you are going to use, now is the time to do it. Have fun and be creative!

Using the gulestick apply glue to the back of your clockface and stick onto your clock base. Line up the clock hands and make a small hole through each of them where they will join at the center of the clock. Make another hole through the center of the clock. Thread a pipecleaner through all three holes. Tie a knot in the pipecleaner at the back of the clock and then another to secure the clock hands in place.

Your clock is now complete! Add any final finishing details if you feel it is needed. What is the time? Don’t forget to set your clock!

What’s The Time?

Test your knowledge of time with these What’s The Time? worksheets. They are free to print out and use. Also included is a blank worksheet so you can add any time that you want your child to focus on.

telling time worksheets

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