DIY milk jug easter basket

Recycled Milk Jug Easter Basket

Make your own adorable recycled milk jug Easter basket from an old milk jug and Sharpie pens. These baskets are super cute and a lot of fun for all ages to make. Included in this tutorial is a free Easter printable so you can easily draw Easter decorations onto your basket.

Not only will you save money by making your own recycled basket but you will be doing your part to help the environment too. You are reusing the milk jug to give your recyclable a new life while avoiding the need to purchase a new basket. That is what we call a win and while having fun too!

Recycled Milk Jug Easter Basket

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Recycled milk jug Easter Basket

Once you make your first recycled milk jug Easter basket I almost guarantee you that you will be wanting to make more! We have put together a free printable for you to use to help you decorate your basket with but get as creative as you like.

You Will Need

You can use an opaque milk jug however you will not be able to see the Easter printable through the jug but you can still have fun coming up with your own original design.

The tea towel is to stuff the inside of the milk jug with to make it easier to draw the image onto the milk jug. Anything similar will do the same job.

Free Easter Printables

Simply click the below link to print a copy of these free Easter printables.

Easter printable
Easter printable

Let’s Get Creating

Recycled milk jug Easter basket DIY

Gather all of your supplies. Make sure that your milk jug is clean and dry and that all labels are removed. Cut the top off the milk jug. Recycle the top of the milk jug or keep to do some practice drawing on.

Have a look at your printables and decide which images you would like on your easter basket. Roughly cut the images out. Select the first image and place inside of the milk jug so you can see the image on the outside. Stuff your milk jug with the tea towel. This should hold your image in place.

Using a Sharpie or permanent marker trace the outline of the image onto your milk jug basket. Color your image. Repeat this process until you are happy with your milk jug Easter basket.

Punch holes around the top of the basket. Thread ribbon through the holes and tie the ends together. To make the handle tie a piece of ribbon through opposite sides of the basket to the length you desire.

Easter basket DIY

Your basket is now ready to stuff with your desired Easter goodies! We put some basket filler in the bottom of our basket. This crinkle cut shred filler would look lovely and means that you can put fewer treats in your basket. The other option is to make a shallower basket. Or of course to stuff it full of treats!

Happy Easter. We hope you enjoyed making your recycled milk jug Easter basket!

recycled milk jug Easter basket. Free Printables

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