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Stunning Planter Box Fairy Garden

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Building your own stunning planter box fairy garden is simple when you know how! Today we are showing you a planter box style fairy garden that the very talented Sandra Harris created.

A planter box fairy garden is perfect for people who have minimal garden space. They can be as big or small as you like! You can even grow some of your favorite plants to add interest to the fairy garden. A summer strawberry section would be totally adorable.

Stunning Planter Box Fairy Garden

Planter box fairy garden

We love all of the separate sections that Sandra has created in her stunning plater box fairy garden. She has created this separate space using fences, stones, and pebbles as well as moss. You can even buy moss rocks which are perfect for adding to fairy gardens!

Planter Box Fairy Garden

To begin with, it is helpful to have a fresh top layer. Adding new potting mix is a good idea or weed out what you have and make sure it is looking nice.


Have a look at your planter box and mentally plan out what you would like to put and where. The way Sandra has put taller items towards the back of the garden is ideal both in her planter box and any planter box which is placed along a fence, wall or similar. If your planter box is sitting in the middle of a patio or lawn then you might decide to place the taller items in the center so the fairy garden works from all directions.

Planter Box Fairy Garden

If you needing to buy some extra fairy garden items (or make your own) it can be helpful to do so at this stage. You can start constructing your garden now but make a note of where you want to place the items that you still need and make sure you leave enough room for them! Planter Box Fairy Garden


Start by placing the larger items first, the fairy houses, large rocks, ponds and then add in the plants. Around these objects add in a ground covering such as bark if using. From here you can add in the smaller details, create paths add bridges, tables, fairies and any other fairy garden items that you wish. It can be helpful to work in sections, get one section right and then move onto the next.

Planter Box Fairy Garden

Sandras planter box fairy garden is a great example of attention to detail and working from section to section to create a fairy garden that is truly stunning! We love all of the pops of color through the flowers that she has planted and all of the other details that you can see in her photos.

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how to build a fairy garden

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